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12 Great Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales For Your Small Business






Looking to increase revenue and jumpstart sales in your business? Many small business limit their marketing and sales efforts. I have compose 12 surefire ways to increase your small business sales

#1 Set Daily Goals

Setting daily goals is probably the most efficient strategy to make your business move forward the way you want it. All business share a primary goal, success. To keep from veering off track it is helpful to set up daily goals and it will help build your business bigger than you have before. Goal setting is crucial to any business success. 

Six Tips For Setting Business Goals:

  • Define quantifiable goals
  • Make your goals specific
  • Commit to your goals
  • Make your goals public
  • Set a deadline
  • Reward yourself

#2 Send Weekly Emails To Clients And Prospect

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect to people. Email marketing lets you directly convey messages to your consumers by sending an email. 

Benefits Of Email Marketing:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase sales
  • Lead generation
  •  Strength customer relationships
  • Remind customers who you are

#3 Get And Promote Customer Reviews

Have a proud collection of genuine reviews from your customer base? Great now is the time to get the word out. The reviews won’t happen unless you ask your customers to review you. If you think only customers benefits from customer reviews, think again. Local review sites give customer another way to find business. Customer reviews and testimonials are an excellent tool to help promote your business. 

10 Ways To Promote Your Reviews:

  • Promote genuine reviews on your website
  • Dedicate a meu item on your website
  • Add a review tab on your Facebook Page
  • Share reviews on Twitter
  • Share reviews on LinkedIn
  • Include in a press release
  • Use in outdoor advertising
  • Include in your email signature
  • Share genuine reviews on the Internet
  • Share reviews on YouTube

#4 Narrow Your Niche To Focus Better

So take another look at your business. Would it hep to narrow your niche? Yes, because the narrower your niche market is, the better equipped you are to reach your target market.  Narrowing your target audience by determining a niche for your business will be essential for the success of your business. 

#5 Increase Word of Mouth Advertising

Referrals and word of mouth marketing can make a significant difference to your business bottom line. Words of mouth advertising is important for every business, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your new ones your way. 

5 Ways of Increasing Your Business Word of Mouth Marketing Traffic:

  • Integrate these calls to action in your content
  • Implement a structures referral program
  • Initiated a full referral campaign
  • Use market research to target and filter request 

#6 Set Specific Exclusive Offers

Offering set specific exclusive offers can be a powerful weapon in your business. 

Different Types of Offers: 

  • Percentage based discount
  • Dollar value discount
  • Free shipping
  • Free gift
  • Military discount
  • Student discount
  • Senior discount

#7 Design Specific Referrals Program

A referral program is any systematic way that your company encourages your consumers to send your referrals. 

Referral Program Types:

  • Direct referrals
  • Implied referrals
  • Tangible Referrals
  • Community referrals

#8 Always Carry Company Information

It’s essential to always carry company information with you where ever you go. You never know where you might meet your next client or business partner. Keep your name in front of customers at all times with customize advertising  imprinted with your company name and logo. 

#9 Run Or Sponsor Local Events

Sponsorship is a great way to promote your business, team build, support, and become involved in the community. Marketing through running events is one of the fastest growing segments of events sponsorship.

#10 Public Speaking

In order to have a successful business, you have to know how to talk about your business or product. Public speaking will give you the opportunity to speak in front of  a wide audience. 

Benefits of Public Speaking:

  • Increase your visibility online and off
  • Establishes your expertise
  • Generate leads

#11 Create New Products Or Services To Offer Existing Customers

A successful product launch involves preparing for its impact on your existing customers and your organization.

5 Steps To A Successful Product Launch:

  • Identify goals
  • Define audiences and messaging
  • Create a concept
  • Develop channel tactics
  • Set up measurements 

#12 Call Past Prospect And Survey Them

Insights form customer surveys support increased levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction and are effective means of communication and identifying trends. If you’ve never systematically surveyed customers view on your organization you probably don’t know who they are. The primary benefit of these surveys is that you can gather the customers current thoughts on various aspect of your business.

Why Survey Customers:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Effective communication
  • Spotting trends


I hope this article comes in handy with different marketing ideas to increase sales for your marketing business. Please subscribe to my website to stay updated with the current online marketing trends and free resources. 



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    David Romano
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    Your articles are always informative. Thank you for your guidance and generous contributions. You are a wealth of knowledge.

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      Hi David,

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    June 18, 2015 at 6:13 am

    I agreed with your 5th point that is mouth to word marketing. I think mouth to word marketing is really impact on any business sales . So I personally recommend try unique way to advertise to your product and think Out of Box.

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