15 Ways To Get More Pins And Repins On Pinterest


What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can used to find ideas for all your projects and interest. This article explain 15 ways to get more pins and repins on Pinterest. 

Getting More Pins On Pinterest

#1 Time It Right

What’s the best tome to post on Pinterest? Are there certain days you should use Pinterest more than others? I have came across a lot of case studies that claim the best time to pin is between 2pm – 4pm and 8pm –  1am. Following these steps will get more visibility to your pins. 

#2 Pin On More Boards

Pinning on more boards will help you get exposure for your business. Create great Pinterest pins and start adding different boards. The more boards you add to your Pinterest account the higher your repines will become. 

#3 Use Popular Section

Using popular pins is a great strategy to get visibility in your Pinterest Account. Find pins that have been repined  the highest number of time and repin it to your Pinterest account. 

#4 Add Categories

To help attract followers add categories to your boards. Adding categories will increased exposure and will lead to more repins, likes, and comments. 

#5 Be Unique

Another way to increase your followers in Pinterest is adding unique images that standout. What makes you different from everyone else in Pinterest?

#6 Use Popular Words

Add popular words to your pin. The 5 most pinned words are ideas, home, things, love, and style.

#7 Pin On Saturday

Case studies show that the busiest day for repins is Saturdays.

#8 Use Group Boards

To build your own account to 2,000 followers could take months. So being part of a group board is a real time saver for new users of Pinterest. The Pinterest group boards help you build followers and distribute your content. 

#9 Pin Labeled Images

When someone clicks on the “Pin It” button on your blog post, the label (or description) you wrote automatically populates in their Pinterest Account.

#10 Use Calls To Action

Did you know that featuring a “call to action” increases the audience engagement. Make sure to add in your description the call to action. 

#11 Thank Pinners

Take the time to thank those who repine your post. Thanking your pinners will encourage them to pin more of your content.

#12 Describe In Details

Writing effective pin descriptions on Pinterest results with higher pinnacles. Many case studies have proven pins with 200-300 character get more repins. 

#13 Pin Relevant Images

Every time you pin something on Pinterest your aim should be to share pins relevant to your niche. Make sure to follow individuals who are interested in your niche.

#14 Give Incentives

Give your audience incentives to increase traffic and engagement. 

#15 Place Pin It Buttons

Let your customers save their favorite with the pin it button. 

I hope this article is useful when trying to grow your audience in Pinterest. Please subscribe to my site to stay updated with the latest online marketing trends. 

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