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20 Ultimate Blogging Tips


Great blogs don’t happen overnight. Are you looking to improve and optimize your chances of blogging success? Heres 20 Ultimate Blogging Tips to learn the do’s and don’ts in blogging. 

Choose A Reliable Web host

When you choose a web host, you are investing in a supplier that is responsible for helping your website up and running. It’s crucial to choose  reliable web hosting company to ensure that your website remains safe and accessible all year round. 

Things to consider when choosing a web host:

  • Does the business offer 24/7 customer service support?
  • Is hosting the business primary service?
  • Is the host flexible in its servers types, supported languages, and features?
  • Does the host keep customer informed about server maintenance, new services, etc?
  • Does the host provide an easy, functional control panel?

Follow Your Passion

If you’re going to start a blog, find something your passionate about to blog about. When your passionate about what your writing, then it will not feel like work. 

Here are some creative ways to find your passion if your struggling to discover it:

  • Revisit your childhood, What did you love to do?
  • Make a creativity board
  • Start doing what you love, even with out a business plan
  • Dabble in everything

Determine Your Niche Market

Defining your niche market it’s crucial to the success of your blog. A marketer will tell you that when you know who you are marketing it will be easy to determine where your marketing dollar should be spent. 

Select A Good CMS

A lot of new bloggers have no idea what content management system to choose from. Follow these tips for choosing your CMS. 

  • Check host and server compatibility
  • How are backups handled?
  • Consider E-Commerce functionality 
  • Test the editor extensively
  • Look for superior SEO functionality
  • Keep security in mind
  • Be cautious with self-hosting
  • Choose a CMS thats intuitive, functional, and scalable

Blog Consistently

By blogging consistently, you will build trust. Create a blogging schedule that helps you maintain consistent writing and commenting will help to drive more traffic to your site. 

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated can be tough in the beginning of starting your blog. In the beginning focus on other small wins to keep you motivated and working. Keep reminding yourself the reason and the dreams which you saw while you started your blog. 

Here are ways to keep yourself motivated while blogging:

  • Track the progress
  • Reward yourself
  • Connect with professional bloggers
  • Focus on why you started blogging

Learn Something New

Staying up to date in an industry that’s constantly shifting isn’t easy, but being aware of changes as they’re happening can keep you ahead of the curve. 

Add An About Me, Contact Info, and Privacy Policy Pages

The most important page on your blog is your about me page. Whether you’re building our own website or are just browsing for information on a business, organization, or individual, the About Me page helps the customer learn more about you. The about me page is supposed to help your customer figure out if they can trust you. The same goes for the private policy page. The privacy policy page helps your customer feels safe while browsing your blog. 

Backup Your Blog Regularly

Backing up your blog is essential. If there is a catastrophic failure in your server, you lose everything if you don’t keep regular backups. It’s important to regularly backup your websites. 

Add A Search Box

Adding a search feature will make your reader happy and its easy to do. It helps to improve the search experience for your audience. 

Use Clear Navigation

Strong site navigation makes it easy for visitors to quickly find the information that interest them.  The navigation of your blog is important for search engines. 

Use Responsive Design

Chances are that your competitors aren’t making use of responsive designs, which means that they are loosing out on potential customers. In today’s ever-expanding mobile world, its impossible to keep up if you don’t design your website with responsive design. 

Pick The Right Color Combination

Choosing the right colors for your website or blog is more than just picking a few favorite colors and tossing them in. The night color scheme is essential to your website success. 

Here are the most common color schemes used by business:

  • Blue ~ relates to loyalty, stability, and reliability
  • Yellow ~ relates to happiness, warmth, and sunshine
  • Orange ~ relates to trust, energy, confidence, ambition, and optimism
  • Pink ~  is usually use for girls and women’s fashion
  • Green ~ relates to tranquility, ecology, and nature
  • Purple ~ relates to royalty, dignity, and wisdom
  • White ~ relates to purity and tenderness
  • Black ~ relates to authority, elegance, and sophistication 

Create A Customer 404 Page

If you have access to your server, we recommend that you create a custom 404 page. A good customer 404 page lets you provide a user friendly website to your visitors even in the midst of an error. 

Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs show the user where he is now in relation to the site. It provides a convenient way for users to navigate around the website. 

Select A Theme That Fits Your Brand

Selecting the perfect theme for you blog determines the future of your site. Follow these tips to help you select the right theme. 

  • Make note of your desired features
  • Identify the purpose of your site
  • Focus on navigation
  • Site, Width, Layout, and Spacing
  • Free or paid
  • Consider choosing a responsive theme

Display Popular Post

A popular feature to add to your blog commonly in the sidebar is to display your blogs popular posts. 

Validate Your Site

If you want your site listed on search engines then you need to validate your site. By validating your blog it ensure your site to be index in the search engines so you can be found.

I hope you enjoy these 20 ultimate blogging tips! Please subscribes to my website to stay updated with the current blogging trends. 

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    Saba Umar
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    Hi Nancy!
    All the Point you share are really important to make the blog effective. Point no five,blog consistency is must if you want positive results. Last ten pints are must be considered points, related to user experiences . Although the content is primary part of blogging but providing a comfortable reading experience is also significant.
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    Hi Nancy,
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    Kyanna K.
    April 27, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    Wow Nancy, I just clicked on the link to this post from my twitter (we follow each other). I had no idea how much the little details mattered. Who knew that something as simple as font color could deter readers from joining your site. This list is very useful. I shared on all of my social media platforms. Thanks for posting this informative article. I appreciate it.
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