5 Minute In LinkedIn The Marketing Plan

LinkedIn Marketing Plan


1 Minute: Accept connection requests. Do you have pending LinkedIn connections? A common misconception of LinkedIn is that you should only connect with people you know, or people you want to do business with right now. 

LinkedIn can be used in many ways (promote events, recruit new staff, support your sales process and much more) so why limit your connections? 

3 Minutes: Send a thank you message to new connections. Whether you know your new connection or not, it is always good to thank them for connecting with you. if you haven’t met before this could be a good time to share a piece of content that you think they would find useful, or to tell them a little but more about you. 

1. Click Accept

2. Click on Send Message Link

3. Write Your Message

4. Click Send

1 Minute: LinkedIn will continually prompt you to connect with people you may know. Aim to connect with at least one person, per day, and your network will be thriving in no time. 


3 Minutes: Check who has viewed your profile. This includes all potential leads or current connections who have recently viewed your LinkedIn profile. These people may not be sales leads, employees, or your employer, but they maybe in the future. 

1. Send a customized message to acknowledge that you’ve noticed they have views your profile. 

2. Explain what value you could add to the connection. 

2 Minute: Share content if you have written a recent blog post, add it to your profile. By doing this it won’t decay in your newsfeed. 

1. Edit your profile

2. Go to background

3. Click +

4. Add a link or upload a file

5. Share with relevant LinkedIn Groups that your are connected with


3 Minutes: Share a piece of content and submit it to LinkedIn Today editors. If you think getting your content featured on LinkedIn Today is like, seeing a unicorn, then think again! Reach out to the business development team at LinkedIn and share your content with them. Email them on

Important: There are a couple of thins that LinkedIn will look for when choosing to publish a piece of content. 

  • Have you included a LinkedIn Share button on your site?
  • Have you been sharing your content with your LinkedIn connections?

1 Minutes: Comment on the status or content hared by a person in your network. Imagine you are at a party and someone from your network of friends is telling you about their recent job change or blog post they have just written. The normal reaction is to comment on what they are telling you about… the same applies on LinkedIn.

Choose someone in your network and comment on their status or some content they have shared at least one a day.

1 Minute: Organize a catch up with one of the your contacts. This is your perfect time to connect with someone that you haven’t see in a while… invite them for a coffee.

LinkedIn is a great oil buy you can’t always land that deal with out meeting in a person. Heading away on a business trip? It could be the perfect opportunity to catch up with someone from your network who lives in another state. 

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    January 18, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    This is a great post Nancy! I was actually asking about how to grow my LinkedIn account the other day with some blogger friends. I believe that everything happens for a reason and bam here I am at your post 🙂 What are the odds?
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    Alisha Henderson
    November 21, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanx for sharing this article with us.

    I am from professional field so I know the importance of LinkedIn network. But I do not know how to increase the targeted traffic through this network.

    I am getting the traffic but not the leads, so I just want to focus on the leads.
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  • Reply
    Antoine Aarts
    November 29, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Hey Nancy,

    Nice Post!!!!!

    This post is very helpful and informative. LinkedIn is great and even I use it and came across my first job from there. Its important to grow a LinkedIn contacs and account in order to get updated each day. Thanks for sharing this information and keep posting!!!!

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