5 Ways To Use Video To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

5 Ways To Use Video To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Are you looking to build a more effective social media strategy? Video content marketing might be your solution. Video has become a popular tool for brands wanting to share stories about their business, connect with customers, and create content that’s informative yet entertaining. In fact, by 2017, 67 percent of video traffic will be consumer web traffic.

If you’re wondering how you can take advantage of this powerful tool, here are five ways to use video to boost your social media strategy:


  1. YouTube: YouTube receives more than a billion visitors each month and reaches more Millennials than any other cable network. Use YouTube to create a channel to feature content about your brand. This channel can include commercials, tutorial videos, and interviews with customers.


  1. Vimeo: Vimeo is a high quality video platform enabling users to create gorgeous and atheistic videos. Businesses can use Vimeo as a platform to host longer videos to promoting their brand. For example, create a tutorial or professional video promoting your product or service.


  1. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is a user-friendly video chat platform that enables users to have multi-way video chats, use screen sharing tools, and record video chats. To use Google Hangouts to boost your brand, record interviews with customers and upload these interviews to your YouTube channel. These interviews can serve as a great piece of content for testimonials for your brand.


  1. Instagram: Photo sharing platform Instagram launched its video feature in 2013. Since then, brands have used this platform to share video content with their customers. Use Instagram to share 15 second visual brand stories across multiple social media channels. These videos can be anything from short product demos to highlighting special offers for your business.


  1. Vine: Vine was launched by Twitter in 2013 and is another useful tool for create quick videos about your brand. For brands looking to get creative with their videos, use Vine to create stop-motion videos. Brands can also connect with a particular niche by using hashtags with their Vines. Video is taking over the way people consume online content. To learn more about the power of video for your social media strategy, check out the info-graphic below:






Article Written By: Ivan Serrano is a social media and business journalist from the Golden State. You can connect with Ivan through his Twitter Account: @IvanSerrano55


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