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7 Ways To Use Twitter As A Marketing Weapon


It is only recently that the word twitter became much more than the chirping of birds! Recognized with a logo of a bird, today, Twitter is considered as one of the primary weapons to uplift and uphold businesses online. 


The message is sent out loud and clear: Twitter is a force to be reckoned with, which is the reason it is the first choice for marketing to consumers and businesses alike. However, not many people are aware of how to use Twitter to their advantage because of which they are unable to understand its applicability and power in driving their business to its optimum state.

Below are seven golden rules to remember and employ in using Twitter as a marketing weapon:

1.    Become an Internet Entrepreneur

The only way to become an entrepreneur is to actually become an entrepreneur! There is no way of beating around the bush.  

Internet marketing through Twitter can be done free of cost if you choose to nurture the sense of a businessman by analyzing the target market interested in your products and services.

A savvy entrepreneur understands the preferences and interests of the customers by observing their behavior. What better way to analyze what the customers’ are thinking by monitoring their tweets? From there on, you can research and find out the strategies employed by your competitors. A cliché it may be but a smart businessman keeps his friends close and enemies closer. Similarly, it is an intelligent move on your part to follow the tweets of your competition and figure out how they are running their business online.

2.    Communicate Effectively

The primary advantage put forth by Twitter is the opportunity of simultaneously communicating with a large set of people in groups. Twitter along with some third party applications provide a perfect opportunity to segregate and interact with target markets.  As you are able to direct your marketing campaigns to a specific set of groups, this makes it all the more reason for you to use effective campaigns that actually work with the audience. 

Make sure, you are able to deliver the appropriate message and then build on from there. Otherwise, all this facility of reaching out to a preferred set of customers won’t be worth the effort.

3.  It’s Fast, It’s Instant

The best part about Twitter is its responsiveness. Unlike other web applications through which the process of communication takes plenty of time, with Twitter you are enabled to communicate with your targeted audience instantaneously.

In fact the communication through Twitter becomes a two-way street. Not only are you able to broadcast a tweet but also get a reply from your target market within a matter of seconds or minutes. In tech jargon, this kind response is considered as real-time communication.  This instant responsiveness is the key in developing and retaining a long-lasting relationship with consumers that will broadcast a positive image of your company in front of your clients in the long-run.

4. Become Customer-Centric

Twitter allows you to practice the most famous method for running any business – adapting the customer-centric approach.  You can start off by giving customer services through Twitter and then branch off by offering helpful links and headlines to further aid any customer queries. This will also help you link your website to your Twitter account so that you are able to drive a steady flow of traffic which is a core component for online marketing. You can also run special deals and promotions on Twitter to speed up sales for slow-moving stock.  

5. Be your Own Personal Brand

Twitter gives you a definite opportunity to develop your own personal brand. By working on your segregated audience, it is only a matter of time that you will be able to reach customers globally as well as develop useful business contacts and sales leads in the process.  You can also search through Twellow an online directory or try advanced Twitter search to find more business opportunities. Take advantage of the available PR opportunities by engaging with a wide array of journalists on Twitter. Engage with them to find valuable information on leads and sources that can help you enhance your business.

6.  Shred Away Your Invisibility Cloak

Why disappear in a crowd when Twitter enhances your visibility on search engines? Nowadays search engines graciously include Twitter profiles in their searches as well which makes it a sound reason to boost your Twitter presence.

7. Personalize your Tweets

A Twitter specialist can tell you how effective tweets can be for validating your image in the public.  Tweets are a reflection of personal thoughts which when given by happy customers are a splendid news for your business.  You’d be surprised by at how many people would actually show up for the event on the basis of a simple “tweet-up”. This is an ideal way of creating the buzz for a restaurant, club, health club, etc.  Even if you have an important announcement, Twitter gives you the perfect opportunity to instantly broadcast your news to the audience. You have 140 characters, so make them matter! By adding a statistic or figure in your tweet; you are making the statement more credible and authentic.

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