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Best Tools For Online Writing


Tools are created to help make life less difficult. It can make a very tedious task bearable.

Same is true for writing tools. Amateur and seasoned writers need assistance from these tools, especially if they want to post their write-ups online. Good thing there are numerous writing tools that could lessen one’s work. Whether it is for word processing for essay writing, blogging, noting one’s idea, or even for looking for employment resources, there is an available writing assistance for any writer’s needs.


Here are some of the most favorite online writing tools for different needs present in the market today:

For Word Processing

Most writers got comfortable using traditional writing applications such as Microsoft Word, the Notepad for Windows, TextEdit for Mac, or the Open Office. But since the proliferation of other writing apps online, it is interesting to note that there are several existing apps that makes writing and searching resources online become less time consuming.

  • Google Docs – One of the most popular writing apps, writers choose it because it came from the world’s most trusted search engine. It is very user-friendly, and it can be used for free.
  • ThinkFree Office Write – Though not as popular as the Google Docs, the Write app from ThinkFree can be a promising tool for online essay writing. One must get used to some of the complicated commands, though. 

For Blogging

For traditional writers who want to expand their target readers, blogging is the easiest way to go online. To make the transition from print to blog writing, there are several online blogging sites to make it easier. 

  • – Online writers who wants simple and extensive tool for blogging, they would opt to sign up for this blogging site. Aside from being easy to use, it is also free. Just make an account and the site is already good to go.
  • TypePad – As one of the most widely-used blogging services nowadays, TypePad is known for its function and ease of use. A one-year pro-level membership had been recently waived of its $150 charge to help promote the services for online essay writers and journalists.

For Writing Ideas

There are writers who have several ideas in mind, but are not prepared to put it into an essay or a book form yet. That is why most of them use writing tools to help gather and record their thoughts.

  • SpringNote – This free note app is so easy to use. It can even be downloaded in an iPhone, so that the the writers can jot down notes whenever and wherever.  
  • Google Notebook – Writing an idea wherever you go used to require a combination of pen and paper. Now, writers can use Google Notebook with access from any desktop or mobile browsers.

 Employment Resources

Since writing is a profession, it is important for writers to find an avenue where their work can be posted and paid. After all, writers need to eat, right? Good thing there are online tools to help find their ideal venues.

  • – This site is filled with links that could point to a writer’s dream job. It is often updated to help writers find a online gig.
  • Freelancer’s Union – This is the writers’ networking site. Members can post and advertise about their genres and get employed from their. 

Please feel free to discuss any online writing tools you may use in the comment area below!

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