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Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website

must have wordpress plugins

Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website WordPress is a very popular platform for building websites. Majority of the websites on the web at present have been designed and developed using the rich features of WordPress. WordPress is a powerful content management system that provides several useful quality features to the site owners. Using these features, one can easily customize the look and feel of the websites to a great extent.

One on the useful feature of WordPress is Plugins which are talked about in plenty at the WordPress Forum. Plugin is a tool that extends the functionality of WordPress immensely. There are numerous WordPress Forum Plugins available for use. Each of them has its own set of features. You can go for the one of your choice and use it on your site. But if you are looking for the best one, then don’t forget to consider the plugin options mentioned below.

Symposium: This free WordPress Forum plugin provides excellent set of features and functions. The user interface of the plugin is quite simple and elegant for use. It facilitates easy browsing and navigation. The plugin comes with multiple categories.   The access to each of the categories can be controlled according to the individual preferences. The menu comprises of pop ups that include search functions, particular topics, etc. Not only this, you can change the settings as per your wish and manage all your posts, layouts, permissions and other key aspects related to the website. Best WordPress Plugins



bbPress: The most popular WordPress Forum Plugin is the bbPress. It brings in some key additional features for the site administrator and ensures a better command over the website. It comes with a much better user interface than Symposium.  The plugin has plenty of widgets present that can be used to make it easy for the users to browse through the site and its pages. You can also import posts from other forum engines easily. It integrates brilliantly with WordPress and this is the main reason for its widespread use. Best wordpress plugin

CM Answers: As the name suggests, the CM Answers plugin looks very similar to a discussion board with questions and their answers on it. The user interface of the plugin comprises of various widgets, permalinks, sticky questions, access control, etc. You can either get the free version of the plugin or the pro version of the plugin. It lacks the quality of the Symposium and the bbPress plugins and isn’t quite good to look at.  best wordpress plugins

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