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How To Grow Your Google + Engagement?

Are you getting the most from your Google + presence?ย  Are you like most people who broadcast their content on Google + and expect engagement? Are you looking for ways to increase your Google + engagement? Look no further.…

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How To Use Google Hangout App?

We all live in the times when staying connected with our loved ones through the use of social networking websites and messaging apps is at the top of our priority list. Each one of us is searching for an…

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Custom URL For Your Google Plus Page

Did you know you could get a custom URL for your Google Plus page? Last year Google started offering custom URL to celebrities and big corporations. In the last, couple of months Google is allowing all users to obtain…

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Understanding Your Google Author Rank

Google Authorship gives you ownership of your content and helps you to have a much better reputation. This connects everything that you write with your Google Plus account, and all in a simple way. When you have connected the…