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Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 7.08.03 PM  Custom URL For Your Google Plus PageDid you know you could get a custom URL for your Google Plus page? Last year Google started offering custom URL to celebrities and big corporations. In the last, couple of months Google is allowing all users to obtain a custom URL. The custom URL will help Google users create a catchy URL verses the lengthy address that was set by default.

My default URL address that Google+ provided me was:

My new custom URL Google+ provided me you can find my profile:

I personally do prefer my personalized URL because it will help with my branding of my blog. In addition, the new personalized URL helps others find me much easier.

Google+ Custom URL Requirements

There are requirements that must be met to get a custom Google+ URL:

1. Google+ account must have a minimum of 10 followers

2. The account must be at least 30 days old

3. The profile should also contain a profile picture

4. The profile must also contain a link to your site or verified local business

How to get your custom URL for Google+

If you meet the requirements above then you’re ready to choose your custom Google+ URL. Google does not allow you to choose your own custom URL they will provide you some URL approved for your profile. Make sure to choose wisely and carefully because once selected you’re not able to change.

To get started with your custom URL for Google + all you need to do is the following:

1. Click On Profile (On top left hand side)

2. Click On Settings

3. Click On Profile + Privacy

4. Click On, Get Your Own Custom URL

5. Verify Your Account With Your Mobile Device

So why not get a personalized URL and get rid of long lengthy list of numbers and letters. Make sure to join my blogging community and subscribe to my site to stay updated with trends for online marketing.

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    • Nancy Badillo Post author

      Hi Syed,

      Thank you for stopping by! Your absolutely correct, you must first verified your account to get the customer URL. I will update this crucial info on the post. Thanks!


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