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Google Announced Voice Search Hotword

Google voice search hotword

Last week Google announced voice search hotword extensive for Chrome.  The new extension for Chrome enables users to search for anything hands free using voice search.  The search feature was introduced back in May for the first time and it has been updated ever since to work hands free.

The new changes and updates Google has included this time do not have to click on the microphone icon to turn on voice search recognition.  The new voice search hotward is very similar to Siri but in a desktop computer.

Google announced voice search hotword

Google Announced Voice Search Hotword

The hotword extension for Chrome allows users to find anything on Google by simple saying the words “Ok Google” to start a search. The voice search hotword works by synchronizing your response with a two-way conversation with Google search algorithm to perform a search.

The new Google updates are very similar to users of Android 4.4 devices using the mobile app Google Search. The app allows users to search by voice for anything just like Google Chrome now in a desktop.  

How To Install New Extension From Chrome 

The Google search for Chrome is a free activation. The voice search hotword in now available for download through Chrome Web Store. The installation is easy to install and start using immediately.  The speech recognition voice search is available for Mac and PC users. 

Head to the Chrome Web Store to download and install the new extension. In order to activate the voice search hands free make sure your using in Chrome. Go ahead and give it a try it’s a great way to search for just about anything when your hands are not free of use. Let me know what you think about Google announced voice search hotword. 

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