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What is Google Hummingbird Update?


Google recently released their newest algorithm known as the Hummingbird.  The main goal of their newest addition to the Google family is to make Google search more interactive for their users and to give users better and more direct answers to their searches. 

You may be wondering how that was made possible and how it is going to affect your search results.  You are not the only one wondering about the new Google algorithm and many are curious as to how it is going to affect their search engine optimization. 

Google Hummingbird Update


Google creators are saying that the Hummingbird is more natural than their previous search engines and that it has a better understanding of the human language (  This means that if you type and ask specific questions during your searches or have complex search requests it can better understand what you are looking for and give you better search results.


Hummingbird is designed to better understand the meaning behind the words rather than what is just typed.  For example many people that use the algorithm when doing speaking searches may ask “Where is the best place to get brick oven pizza?”  The old search algorithms would have focused on just a couple of the key words like brick, oven, and pizza.  However the Hummingbird would focus on the meaning of the words together rather than just a couple of key words.  It also looks at where you are located if that information has been shared by you with Google and can give you more precise answers to your questions.  These answers are based on the meanings instead of just key words.

Many businesses that rely on SEO and search engines to bring more traffic to their sites are worried that Hummingbird will affect their rankings because it is focusing more on the meaning and whole sentences versus key words. 

SEO is usually based on key words that are set up by the business and when the search engine does not necessarily focus on those key words it could potentially affect a company’s SEO which in turn could affect their business.  However, Google says that SEO will not be affected and that the principles behind search engine optimization are the same ( 

The Hummingbird looks at the search as a whole rather than focusing on bits and pieces of information in the query.  This is what allows for it to give you more relevant and exact results.  It also gives you more choices and some of those choices have other information associated with them like the background information and supporting information that will give you more choices.  Hummingbird really focuses on improving the results that searchers get from their queries. 

It focuses more on the whole conversation and not just a couple of words in your search.  If you are searching for the best home remedies for a headache you could get all kinds of search result answers and only a few may actually be helpful. Hummingbird can take the meaning of the sentence as a whole and give you more exact answers to your questions.

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