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how to make a blog

How To Make And Design A Blog?

how to make a blog It is obvious to have multiple questions and lots of confusion when you first plan to start a blog of your own. You might be wondering how to make a blog. Blogging is not a much of a difficult task. In fact it is as easy as raising a toast. Some people have a misconception that creating a blog requires coding skills and some other technical skills, which is not true. You should be clear about why you are making a blog and what are you going to blog about. When you are clear about these things, you can easily get yourself started with this post. Blog about topics that you find interesting and you have knowledge about.

 To start blogging, you first need to decide the platform you want to use, you can use a free or self-hosted platform. BlogSpot or Word Press can be your choice. Many bloggers make their blogs using Word Press. It is easy to use, add pictures or write posts on your blog and can also choose from various layouts and themes. You can also create your blog on and (BlogSpot). These sites give you a sub-domain and not a domain. You have to follow the policies and various rules of these sites. You lack independent control; your blog can be deleted if it doesn’t follow the various constraints of the site.

 If you have a website of your own, you can create a blog on your own website too. Don’t worry too much if you are thinking ‘how to make my own blog?’ Starting a self-hosted blog on your own domain can be a good choice. Choose a simple domain name, which is easy to remember and is not too long. You have to choose a hosting company that is good and reliable. They should be professional and should be able to provide good customer support service. The cost of a self-hosted blog is not much, you can start it with a small amount too.

 You should design and customize your blog, to give a good impression to readers. You can learn on the Internet about how to design a blog or simply follow the instructions given on the blogging platform. It should be catchy, beautiful and interesting. If you blog about your business or an NGO, then you must insure that your blog has your logo. The other important think your blog must have is a header. The header contains the name and information about your blog. The important content should be given in the header. Apart from headers, a blog must have sidebars and footers.

 Sidebars catch a lot of attention and are used to give navigation links, archive links, highlight graphics etc. Footers are used to feature a copyright message or links to contents within their sites. All these are important to make a complete good blog.

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