How To Use Instagram for Business


Once you familiarize yourself with Instagram, getting the hot social media site to work for you and your business is very simple.

Understanding How To Use Instagram For Business:

The most important ways to boost your business with Instagram is by posting daily. Too often, businesses sign up for an Instagram account but don’t post regularly. It is also important to find a balance between fun images and business images.

For instance, if you are a clothing boutique, post pictures of all your new items that you have received, but at the same time, include pictures of your pets, family, kids, funny quotes, just anything to make your followers know that you have a fun life outside of work. This will make them look forward to your daily posts.

Another important tip for using Instagram for business is to develop a following from other using Instagram. There are various ways to go about developing a following.

  • The first way is to connect your Instagram to your Facebook page. This will connect you to people that are already your friend on Facebook.
  •  Also, by sharing your Instagram profile to your other social media sites, you will gain many more followers.
  •  Another way to gain followers is simply by following others and by liking the photos of the ones you’re following.
  •  Also, hashtag the name of your business at the end of every post.

Instagram for businesses is a great way to increase sales in both your storefront and online. A popular way to boost sales is by hosting giveaways through Instagram. Many store owners are boosting their business and sales by asking followers to share a photo to their followers and hashtag a phrase in order to be considered for drawing or giveaway. This keeps shoppers and potential customers coming back to your profile regularly to see not only what you are offering but also to see if they are the lucky winner. 

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Using Instagram to boost your business is not only a fantastic idea but a must-have for new business owners who are using social media to promote your products. Make sure to add your Website URL in the profile section of Instagram to drive additional free traffic.

Your business will receive a boost by getting your product out to more potential customers, as well as opening your customer base up further than just your area code. If you offer sales online, there is a real potential to have customers from all over the country and world. For a social site that is free to use, no business should be without Instagram. 

Most Popular Top Hashtags

I have compose a list of my favorite online marketing hashtags you can use on Instagram. 

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