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In today’s interview we will be talking with Anil Agarwal from

1. Hi Anil, can you tell my readers and me more about yourself? What do you do in the world of online marketing for anyone who isn’t already familiar? 

Hey Nancy, First of all thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to be featured on your blog. Please let me share a bit about me.

My name is Anil Agarwal and I’m based out in New Delhi, India. I’m from a small city in Haryana and had done my master degree in computers. I have been into SEO profession for a long time now. And its due to my SEO profession, I get into Blogging. Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 3.22.38 PM

I have been doing blogging for the past 6 years now. As far as is concerned, it was started on 1st Jan 2010 on I started blog with the aim to help newbie bloggers take their blogs to next level and at the same time helping them earn more revenue from their blogs.

Here are some of my motives behind Bloggers Passion blog:

– Helping my blog readers in making their blogs more SEO friendly with the aim to help them drive maximum traffic on their blogs from search engines.

– Sharing ways that they can use to make more money from their blogs. Most of the time, I used to share ways that I had used to earn money from my blogs.

– Sharing valuable blogging and affiliate marketing related tips.

– Helping them build targeted email lists from their blogs.

Apart from, I’m also running a SEO consulting firm at

2. When and where did you make your first dollar in Internet Marketing?

 I think I started making money from my blogs very soon. Initially I started doing blogging on I received my first earning check from Google Adsense. At that time, I was using Google Adsense as the only way to earn money from my blogs. Later I started making money with paid reviews, text link and banner space selling and through affiliate products sale as well.

I created few micro websites to promote some of Clickbank products and I got some success with them. The biggest achievement for me from my blogging efforts came when I was able to sell one of my blogging website for 5 figures through

Currently I’m earning most of my earnings through affiliate products sale. Rests are coming from paid reviews, Google Adsense and banner advertisements and through SEO consulting.

 3. What strategies are Evergreen and help generating revenue month after month despite what some big search does? 

To get success in today’s age, we need to choose a particular niche and start writing about all kind of topics that we can think of with the intention to help our targeted audience.

You can use different question answer websites, discussion forums and social media networks to get a real feel of people’s actual problems from your chosen niche. Once you have the list of questions around a particular topic, write a blog post and try to answer as many questions you can through your content.

So if you are trying to solve problems of your targeted audience through your blog, you are surely going to get success and decent amount of revenue from your blog.

If you are into affiliate marketing, you have to gain trust of your blog readers before asking them to purchase anything from your affiliate links. No one buys from strangers. You have to work really hard to build a strong presence for your blog on the internet and try to available on as many web properties you can.

For me, lists type of contents are doing really well.

 4. What is your biggest online marketing challenge?

For many years I had ignored building any email list from my blogs. It was mostly due to my laziness. But recently I took building targeted email lists very seriously. 

I’m even working on an eBook which I’m planning to give for free to those guys who will be subscribing to my Email list. This eBook will be really helpful for newbie’s as it will help them start their first business blogs from scratch.

Apart from email list building, I’m putting in lots of efforts to build a strong presence for me and my blog on different social media networks. I have 17k plus followers on Twitter, 6k plus fans on Facebook and 1200 plus followers on Google Plus.

I’m also working to improve my blog speed, making it mobile friendly and working to improve engagement metrics for my blog.

 5. What are your top “must follow” Internet marketing blogs?

I have subscribed to lots of blogs RSS through Feedly account. Here is the list of some of my favorite blogs:

– Harsh Agrawal’s

– Neil Patel’s

– Pat Flynn’s


 6. How do you communicate your trustworthiness? 

I try to gain trust of my blog readers by helping them through my blog, through different social networks and through offline mediums. Recently I attended few workshops and meet-ups around blogging where I happen to meet with lots of my blog fans in real.

If I’m recommending anything to my blog readers, I try to be very honest with it and only suggest those things which I feel are going to help them. 

What is the biggest mistake I can avoid starting out in Internet Marketing? 

 – Work really hard in the first six months on your blog

– Don’t forget to network with fellow bloggers of your niche online and offline

– Start building email list from the day one.

8. How can we find out what you audience is really looking for?

You can use Google Analytics to get a feel of what kind of queries people are actually using to come to your website and once they are on your website, you can use internal search functionality to know what kind of searches they are making from the search box  which is available on your blog.

 Apart from this, you can use Surveys, feedback forms, social media networks and comments section on your blog to know the real intent of your blog readers.

9. What is next for Bloggerspassion? What can we expecting this coming year? 

In the coming years, I’m dreaming of making BloggersPassion as the ultimate guide for blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing related topics. I’m planning to start doing some case studies, info-graphics and may start a question answer section soon.

I will soon be launching an eBook for my blog readers and will start doing some exciting contents on my blog. Currently I’m doing a blog commenting contest on my blog where I’m giving a free article to one winner every month.

Anil Agarwal, BloggersPassion

10. What area of online marketing do you consider yourself an expert in?  

 I would say I have gained good amount of knowledge around SEO domain and thus you can call me a SEO expert. Apart from SEO, I’m good at blogging, affiliate marketing, email marketing and trying my hands in social media and search marketing these days.

Thank you Anil for the interview! It’s greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Make sure to stop at BloggersPassion.Com  for your one stop to learn all about online marketing! 

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    Really good tips for newbies…thanks…
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    Anil Agarwal’s blog is too good. I have learned how to make our way from internet business. Thanks for this Post.
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