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Jay’s Bio: Jay White, also known as the Email Copy Guru, is a copywriter, coach, and speaker who specializes in email and auto-responders. His unique writing style and talent for building a “bridge of trust” with prospects quickly established him as one of the most in-demand specialty copywriters in the business, working side-by-side with many of internet marketing’s biggest names, including Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham, Jeff Walker, Stephen Pierce, Joel Comm and Alex Mandossian, who dubbed him, “The best autoresponder copywriter I’ve ever seen!” Jay White

In 2009, Jay joined with the American Writers and Artists to release Autoresponder Apprentice, a step-by-step program for teaching copywriters and entrepreneurs how to craft the most highly effective autoresponder emails possible. Recently updated and re-released as Email Copy Made Easy, it’s one of AWAI’s most popular products.

Today, Jay continues to teach and coach others in the fine art of email and autoresponder copywriting, as well as speak at conferences, while still taking on the occasional client. He lives in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri, with his wife and two children.

You can find out more about Jay at

1. Hi Jay can you tell my readers and me more about yourself? What do you do in the world of online marketing for anyone who isn’t already familiar? 

My name is Jay White, and I’m a copywriter/coach/speaker who specializes in email and autoresponder copy. I’m known as one of the “go-to” copywriters in in the internet marketing industry, crafting emails for such top names as Alex Mandossian, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Joel Comm, Jay Abraham and many others. My how-to product “Email Copy Made Easy” is the leading online resource for how to write more effective emails, as well as teaching copywriters how to become a successful in the email and autoresponder marketplace. You can find out more about me at

2. When and where did you make your first dollar in Internet Marketing?

January 2006. I started my freelance career after working in house as a catalog copywriter for 7 years. In my first week as a freelancer, I secured a gig for $6,000. Over the next month, I was also working on projects for two major players in the IM world—Alex Mandossian and Joel Comm—so my career took off in a hurry.

3. What strategies are Evergreen and help generating revenue month after month despite what some big search does?

Autoresponders. If you’re not following up with your prospects, you’re leaving serious money on the table. And just sending them a random email with poorly written copy won’t do it. You MUST learn how to write personable, more effective emails that develop relationships and turn off the sales barriers. That’s what I teach in my course, Email Copy Made Easy, and that’s what I help my coaching students to achieve faster and easier.

4. What is your biggest online marketing challenge?

Probably biz owners and entrepreneurs not knowing the value of email marketing and following up with prospects. According to the DMA, email marketing ROI averages about $43.00 for every dollar spent. That’s remarkable! But there are still thousands of businesses that aren’t taking advantage of this. My job is to educate and make their emails as powerful as possible through better copy.

 5. What are your top “must follow” Internet marketing blogs?

I would say and stand out among the rest.

6. How do you communicate your trustworthiness?

Easy. By being truthful, up front, and completely transparent with my prospects and buyers. Nobody wants to do business with jerks. They want somebody who is real. Someone who is actually interested in them and their business. And that’s who I am, “warts and all” as my father-in-law would say. J

7. What is the biggest mistake I can avoid starting out in Internet Marketing? 

Not getting help. So many soon-to-be-successful entrepreneurs have been derailed by hitting a wall and not knowing how to get around it. Don’t let this happen—find someone you know, like, and trust and do whatever you can to get them to help you. Personal coaching and mentoring can pay off in HUGE numbers. Invest in your development and you’ll fast-forward your success and miss all of the traps that everyone else has fallen into.

8. How can we find out what you audience is really looking for?

My audience consists of two factions—copywriters and entrepreneurs. The copywriting crowd wants to develop their email and autoresponder copy skills to expert level, and then market themselves more effectively to those who need this service. The entrepreneurs want emails and autoresponders that get opened, get read, and get click-throughs, whether being written by yours truly or learning how to do it themselves inside my program. Email Copy Made Easy can help both of these audiences achieve exactly what they want.

 9. What is next for Jay? What can we expecting this coming year? 

I am excited about the tremendous growth of my Email Copy Made Easy program, and I’m looking forward to doing bigger and better things with that. I’m also working out the kinks of a breakthrough marketing system for copywriters that literally does all the work for them—they just sit by their inbox and wait for clients to send them a “Yes! Let’s work together!” email. Look for more info on that soon. Finally, my personal coaching students are knocking it out of the park, writing amazing copy and getting clients right after (or even while) working with me. So I’m really pumped about helping to develop even more outstanding copywriters., Jay white

10.  What area of online marketing do you consider yourself an expert in? 

Email and autoresponder copywriting. You can find out more about me and what I do best at

Thank you Jay for the interview! It’s greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Make sure to stop at EmailCopyGuru

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