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In today’s interview we will be talking with Sanat Singha from

Sanat’s Profile:  Sanat Singha is a technical writer, a content marketer and a professional blogger. He senses autonomy in expressing his views through his write-ups. Traveling, photography and online search for newest web marketing tools are some of his key interests. Sanat Singha

1. Hi Sanat, can you tell my readers and me more about yourself? What do you do in the world of online marketing for anyone who isn’t already familiar? 

Hi Nancy, first of all I want to thank you for taking such an initiative of bringing online marketers together. It is my honor and pleasure to be a part of your interview series.

I want to introduce myself as a content creator and content presenter rather than a full-time digital marketer. I am a technical and web marketing writer by profession and a blogger by passion. I work for Kovair Software, Inc. – a California based software product development company. My hometown is in Kolkata, India – a city known for its rich past and the vibrating present.

After completing my Masters in Science followed by PGDM in Marketing Management I moved to online advertising industry in 2008. In my 6 years of experience I had an opportunity to work with CIOL, Deccan Chronicles, and Softz Solutions.

It was 4th April, 2011 when I launched my blog and started writing on a regular basis. I used to devote 4- 5 hours daily to learn new marketing strategies online; execute them in my work and share the experiences through my write-ups. I love sharing things that I learn and experience through my expeditions.

The status message of my blog WebSigmas is “We are here to discuss, learn and apply popular web-marketing concepts and tools.” That is why I dedicated my blog to my beloved readers.

I love traveling and capturing beauties of nature. However, for me, writing is the best way to spend leisure time.

Sanat Singha

 2. When and where did you make your first dollar in Internet Marketing?

Ohh… that is something I will never forget as I had to wait for more than a year to make a debut. I always used to think how and why someone should approach me with dollars.  I remember, on 12th June, 2012 I got an email request from Kepard for writing a sponsored article on VPN Services. That $30 meant a lot to me. I was happy because I got paid for my write-up apart from the fact that the advertiser liked my blog. The good news is that I got an opportunity to write for them in a few more occasions.

Media Awards Best Business Blog For Sanat Singha

On a different note, when my blog was awarded as The Best Business Blog” by The World Media Awards (WMA) on 25th February, I felt at high. The recognition I got was equivalent to thousands of dollars. I also wrote a post on this memorable event.

3. What strategies are Evergreen and help generating revenue month after month despite what some big search does?


Write content that you love reading so your readers do. Once they embrace what you deliver through your message, traffic will follow automatically, so the revenue of your blog will.

You do not require pitching online advertisers to sell your blog or to promote your services. Just stick to the basics of earning new/repeat visitors and follow some typical blogging rules methodically. Happy readers become happy customers. Delight them with your presentation skills and you are almost done.

Try to complete a marketing lifecycle and promote your skills through your write-ups. Be generous and informative while sharing ideas. Leave a message to your readers/advertisers why you are a specialist in your domain. Fortunately, there are a plenty of similar ideas and resources available in the internet for free.

4. What is your biggest online marketing challenge?

Creating a comprehensive follower base is the biggest challenge for me, especially through social media channels. It is never easy to increase the recall value of your blog and establish yourself as a brand.  I am yet to turn all of my repeat visitors into social media followers. I understand this needs me to build relationships with them, but doing it effectively needs time and dedication. Unfortunately, availability of time is another big concern for me. Now I am trying to concentrate more on social networking and community based activities. It is high time I get closer to them.

5. What are your top “must follow” Internet marketing blogs?

There are a many, but right now I can name a few.

  • Bloggers Passion by Anil Agarwal
  • My Blog Guest by Ann Smarty
  • SEOMoz by Rand Fishkin
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Social Media Today

6. How do you communicate your trustworthiness? 

 I try to become a problem solver whenever I get a chance to address my readers. Since I served several US and UK based clients for around 5 years (as a Project Manager in Softz Solutions), I had the opportunity to understand the customer pulse both in B2B as well as B2C level. Whatever the marketing decisions I take or the consultations I provide is based on the content and its quality, appropriateness and presentation. I believe I am solely responsible for the feedback (be it the good, bad or the worst) I receive from my posts. So, I cannot put my reputation at stake. Most importantly, being dishonest to something that I like doing will take me nowhere.

 7. What is the biggest mistake I can avoid starting out in Internet Marketing? 

Never compromise on the quality and usefulness of the information that you provide through your blogs, social media updates, forum and community participations and other online activities. Readers are smart enough and they can evaluate your effort and seriousness quiet well.

8. How can we find out what you audience is really looking for?

No matter how you reach to your audience, always ask feedback for the stuff you write or share online. Reader’s opinions are always vital. You never know what your audience is looking for until you talk to them the way they prefer.

Once you start sharing your content online (on blog, social media, video, document and PowerPoint sharing websites) it is important that you monitor Google analytics reports periodically. You need to understand user behavior, for example why they came to your blog, what they liked, what they did not like and how you can serve them better. The key metrics to look at are set of keywords, source of traffic, bounce rate, top viewed pages, top exit pages and average visit duration per page and other audience behavior metrics.

If you use Hootsuite or other popular social media monitoring tool for your social media pages you can follow the discussion trends based on your key business terms and identify prospects.  

9. What is next for Sanat? What can we expecting this coming year? 

I want to write tutorial based contents for my blog specific to “Content” category. I want to share content presentation ideas, be it for a text based content, pictorial representation or a video and PPT content. The reason I undertake this as an important project is that I find writers often missing out on the presentation and readability factors of the content they produce. If a piece of content (no matter how informative and research based it is) does not offer a feel good factor to the readers, it is definitely not a winning one.  

10.  What area of online marketing do you consider yourself an expert in? 

I strongly believe that I do not fall in the list of experts, not by any means. It is my sheer interest on the subject called “Online Marketing” which inspires me and nurtures my skills. I know it takes a lot of patience, dedication and time to be an expert in such a dynamic field. I am still at the nascent stage. However, my areas of specializations are technical content writing, blogging, content marketing, marketing collateral preparation, Google Analytics consultation and SEO audit.

I received expert author certificate from Ezine Articles on 30th November, 2009 and have 9 achievements so far.

Sanat Singha, Ezine Award














Thank you Sanat for the interview! It’s greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Make sure to stop at to learn all about online marketing. 

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