Interview With Top Blogger Vukasin Ilic

In today’s interview we are going to be talking with top blogger Vukasin Ilic. He is the owner of Fire Proved Marketing

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1. Hi Vukasin, can you tell my readers and me more about yourself? What do you do in the world of online marketing for anyone who isn’t already familiar? 

Hi, My name is Vukasin Ilic and I’m a Serbian Internet Marketer. This is my passion and I enjoy blogging. I’m the owner of the FireProved Marketing which is my main focus at this moment. I enjoy living each day, I love what I do and I can say that I am a happy person. 

2. When and where did you make your first dollar in Internet Marketing?

It was back then, when I was only 17. I was freelancing for small money. I had no experience and no other job. It was hard but I remember that I was really happy when I accomplished that. Especially because everyone were telling me that I won’t make it. 

3.  What strategies are Evergreen and help generating revenue month after month despite what some big search does? 

There are couple of industries that will probably never fade out. And I think that IM falls in that category. When I was starting out, it was completely different. Almost nobody knew about Internet Marketing. Today is totally different situation. Before it was easy to post couple of links and get to the top of the Google. Now, you need to have lot of different strategies if you want to accomplish anything. My point is, strategies change and there is only one that will always remain the same. If you help people, they are going to like you. 

4. What is your biggest online marketing challenge?

This one I’m doing right now. In my huge Internet Marketing career, I’ve never run an Internet Marketing blog. I’m trying to make it as big as possible and trying to reach the level and the position of big blogs that are running Neil Patel, Pat Flynn and others. 

5. What are your top “must follow” internet marketing blogs?

There are few that I visit everyday: 

  • QuickSprout- Made by Neil Patel
  • SmartPassiveIncome- Made by Pat Flynn
  • Blogging Tips- Made by Zac Johnson

6.  How do you communicate your trustworthiness? 

Just by giving great and honest advices to everyone who asks. It’s who I am. It would be strange for me if I wouldn’t gladly offer my help to everyone who needs. 

7. What is the biggest mistake I can avoid starting out in Internet Marketing?

Just avoid thinking that you will accomplish something overnight. It is impossible. If you think that there is a shortcut to success in Internet Marketing, you are wrong.

8.  How can we find out what you audience is really looking for?

Good question. Well I think by simply listening to them, answering their questions and removing their fears. Simply by asking you will be able to see what’s their biggest problem. Then offer a solution and they will like you.

9. What is next for Vukasin Ilic, What can we expecting this coming year?

I’m taking day at a time. I’m now really focused on building successful blog and in my spare time I’m freelancing for others so I can pay bills. 

Thanks so much for the interview!



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