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Making Money with Direct Navigation


The online marketplace is immense and extremely competitive. Generating highly targeted traffic to your website will be the key to your success in the already overcrowded marketplace on the Internet. Many entrepreneurs who launch an online business struggle just to make a small amount of money. However, if you know how to generate highly targeted web traffic to your site, you’re already ahead of the game. Instead of focusing on many of the common ways of generating web traffic to your site such as pay per click ads, you might want to use a different strategy called direct navigation. Making money with direct navigation is very simple.

Direct Navigation

The idea behind direct navigation is that many online users simply type their search terms into their web browsers URL box instead of using a search engine. In many cases, they type the exact domain name or web address. For example, if you’re looking for books, you might type into the URL box. According to online researchers, approximately 8 to 14 percent of web traffic is generated through direct navigation.

If you want to start making money with direct navigation, you will need to determine what search terms people will be using to find products and services on your website. Once you’ve targeted search terms for your website, you will want to purchase their domain names (if available) and redirect the URLs to your website. This will result in your website receiving highly targeted traffic based on the direct navigation strategy you’ve put into place.

The better you are able to hone in on direct navigation search terms, the better your web traffic will convert. While it may take you a while to figure this out, the more URLs you are able to set up to redirect, the better. You’ll be positioning your online business for success long into the future.

Companies That Use Direct Navigation

A good example of a company that is using direct navigation effectively is Johnson & Johnson with their URL of Each time someone directly searches in the URL box of their browser, Johnson & Johnson’s website will be loaded bringing the user to a site full of baby related products. While this strategy is often overlooked, it often proves to be a strong source of high quality leads to your website.

With direct navigation, you’ll receive a great return on your investment. After all, the cost of a domain name is cheap compared to the number of leads you’ll receive to your website that will convert to sales. Over time, you’ll generate enough traffic and sales to position your business as an industry leader in the online marketplace. This will ultimately increase your income.

Even if you’re skeptical about this strategy, the risks are low and the potential for rewards is high. You may choose to still maintain your existing marketing campaigns such as pay per click while you test out direct navigation. This is perfectly reasonable and over time, you will be able to determine what combination of the two will work best in order to position your business for a successful future.

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    Michael Bian
    October 9, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Good article. Thanks for sharing it. It’s true ! if you already know how to generate highly targeted web traffic to your site, you’re already ahead of the game.

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