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Understanding Your Google Author Rank


Google Authorship gives you ownership of your content and helps you to have a much better reputation. This connects everything that you write with your Google Plus account, and all in a simple way. When you have connected the two, you will see that what you publish appears higher on search results and has your information listed next to it.

Along with showing ownership, it also lowers the risk of content theft. You will have fewer worries and problems related to plagiarism, which will allow you to continue working and showing off your skills. While you still need to invest your time in SEO, this can improve what you do quite a bit. Understanding your Google Author Rank is important.  

Google Authorship

If you do a search on Google, you will likely come across results that have an image by them. These results will show the picture of the writer along with their name, giving the person full credit of their work. This is possible because of Google Authorship. When a person signs up, they are able to connect their Google Plus account with their website. When they publish content, search results will show their image and name alongside the link. While it might seem like a simple change, it can actually make a huge difference. 

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Since you are connecting your content with your name, you will be able to benefit from publishing quality pieces more than you would otherwise. This will increase your ranking for all of your pages, as long as they are connected to you. This is only possible when you publish work that is viewed as high quality, shared, and acknowledged by many sites around the web. As your ranking increases, all of your work will appear higher up on search results. This can prove to be one of the most effective SEO tools that you have available.

Author Rank

You need to keep in mind that this should not be your only SEO tool. While it is effective, it is not going to do everything for you. In order for it to even pay off, you already need to be experiencing some success. By investing some time and money into great SEO, you will be able to unlock the possibilities with Google Authorship. Your ranking will continue to go up and you will be bringing in far more interest than you were before. When you continue to manage your content and SEO, you should be able to make use of this for longer.

Over time, this can be an important piece of maintaining a professional, respected image as a writer. Since your content is directly connected to you, there is going to be a lower risk of theft. You will also be able to keep all current websites connected to your name in case you sell or get rid of an older site. This means that you will be able to keep your image as a writer professional. People will be more willing to look into what you have to say, work with you, and become loyal readers.

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