YouTube New Comment System to Combat Spam

New YouTube Comment System


Google implemented the YouTube New Comment System based on its Google+. The company said that the decision was made in order to stop spam. However, the move was met by a backlash from users who were not prepared for the change.  New YouTube Comment System

YouTube New Comment System

YouTube New Comment System is integrated with Google+ and forces users to login with their Google account before they can leave their comment on a video they are watching. It is the company’s goal to make the YouTube Comment System more social by showing comments written by friends or Google+ contacts.  

It looks like Google is trying to improve the number of users of Google+, which struggled to get more active members in the past year. After the integration of YouTube New Comment System, the number of active users has gone up.

Improve The Quality Of Discussions

Google said that the implementation of YouTube New Comment System was made to improve the quality of the discussions in the videos. Under the new comment system, a user is able to delete a comment, prevent another user from commenting on videos on a YouTube channel, approve a comment before posting, and implement a filter system.

YouTube New Comment System has led to new spam problems. There is no limit to the number of characters that a single comment can have. Instead of combating spam, it has led to an increase in spam as well as flaming among users. Users are also complaining that they are forced into signing up for a Google+ account.

Google said that is already working on a solution to the problem. The company said that while the YouTube New Comment System has solved some spam problems, it has led to new opportunities for abuse.

The changes in the YouTube Comment System were made to clean up the website’s comments section but were not welcomed by legitimate users who asked Google to bring back the old comment system. They said that YouTube has never been the same since Google has taken over it.

Google Updates

After the first implementation of the new YouTube Comment System, Google has made three updates to it to make it better. Google improved recognition of malicious links, impersonation attempts, and detection of ASCII art. Google also changed the length of the text shown.

Google also introduced a new comment management page that lets channel owners moderate the comments in one page. It lets you delete comments, flag spam, give thumbs up, and reply. There are tabs for comments published on the channel, comments pending for approval, or comments that are marked spam. Google said that they it will update the YouTube Comment System to have more features such as expanding all replies and replying inline.

YouTube New Comment System has made the comment section less chaotic compared to the past, has less flame wars and insults. It is not perfect and needs more improvements.

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    Preeti Kaur
    January 31, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    I like the new commenting system more on YouTube
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  • Reply
    February 6, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Man, I hate the Google+ Integration. Not only are they forcing me to use a service I don’t want, they also have the nerve to impose arbitrary comment limits that autoflag your channel/profile/page as a spammer, making it so that only you can see the comment (a process called hellbanning or “ghosting”).

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