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Can you imagine returning to the life that was before the apps appeared? The way they intertwined with our daily activities is truly fascinating. You can hardly imagine how you’re going to manage your work without Google Docs or Dropbox, can’t you?

The world of apps is abounding with the ones designed specifically to speed up content curation, creation and promotion. As a marketer who values the time you’re most likely already using at least a few. But what about the less interesting but equally important things (like scheduling, planning, meetings, etc.) that demand your attention every single day?

Some of the apps deserve to be mentioned twice because of the amazing utility they provide to your work. Here’s the list of 5 iOS productivity apps every marketer should use to free up more time for creativity, inspiration and, of course, brilliant content he/she is just about to produce.

1. Vesper – Collect your thoughts

Vesper is a great alternative to the scattered piles of notes that are supposed to remind you of the to-do things. This is the simple app for taking notes.


This is what you can do with Vesper:

  • organize all your notes with the help of tags;
  • prioritize notes (e.g., the upper ones are the most important);
  • attach photos;
  • create an archive for notes just by swiping the note (“Out of sight, but remembered forever”, as Vesper’s developers say);
  • sync your notes with your Vesper account for free.


Vesper is going to bring more order into your daily work at the same time helping you manage your activities on the go. You can use it to make sure important things your marketing campaign needs are not overlooked.

2. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise is a wonderful free calendar app that connects with Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud. With this app you can plan any event in your schedule. It syncs automatically with all devices you’re using.


Why Sunrise is worthwhile?

  • it has a nice, friendly design;
  • Google Maps are available;
  • it connects with plenty of apps you might be using: Facebook, Foursquare, Meetup, etc. (the list is not exhaustive as the developers constantly add connections with the new apps);
  • it has Meet, a simple way to schedule meetings. The event will be automatically created in your (and the other participant’s) calendar once you’ve agreed on the best time.

Sunrise Calendar is a good app to get things done in a limited period of 24 hours that’s at your disposal.

3. Captio

With Captio you can send a note to your email with a single tap. With no doubt, it’s especially handy when endlessly browsing the Web in search of some data or doing research for your content creation campaigns.




The other benefits of Caption include:

  • high speed;
  • offline storage of files (which are automatically sent to your email once you’re online again);
  • you can easily attach photos to the notes.

So if you regularly need to have all the data you need delivered right into your inbox, Captio can be a good option to consider.

4. GoodReader

Reading files in PDF format, organizing, managing and annotating them – this is what you can do with GoodReader.



Why is it so convenient to use GoodReader? For several reasons, actually:

  • you can sync all the docs you use via the GoodReader with Dropbox;
  • having backup of all important files never hurts. Load them all to Dropbox and you can then use them via GoodReader even without Internet connection;
  • you can edit the PDFs (add notes, highlight important text, add pictures and annotations, etc.)


GoodReader is a good app to make your life more paperless and manage all important docs easier.

5. Yaware.TimeTracker

If you’ve ever felt the day simply lacks hours and you don’t have enough time to get things done, this time tracking app will be helpful. Time is the one asset you’ll never get back once it’s lost. Being a marketer, you know perfectly well how easy it is to get carried away with interesting bits of content you come across here and there. That’s why tracking your time should be part of your productive routine.



So if you’d like to take care of your productive time, you might as well check out this app. What else can it do for you? Here’s what:


  • tracks time, Internet and software use, overtime and flextime automatically;
  • Categorizes apps and sites you use into productive, unproductive and neutral. You can then see the ratio and figure out how productive time can be increased;
  • is a perfect tool if you’re a freelance marketer or work remotely as all the stats are available to both you and your clients;
  • sends you notifications on your iPhone or Mac so you stay posted on everything that concerns your work and productivity.


Better time management, actionable insight into your productivity patterns, accurate stats on your performance are just a few benefits you will get with Yaware.TimeTracker.

Final Thoughts

With these apps at your disposal you will definitely be able to grow consistently and get more things done throughout the day. In today’s world where every minute really counts and can indeed make the difference these apps can often be a safety net to you.