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As an Etsy coach, I specialize in helping Etsy sellers turn their passion into profits. With my expertise in Etsy's marketplace, I guide Etsy sellers and develop a marketing strategy to increase their visibility and sales. 

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Etsy Blog Checklist

Etsy blog checklist

A blog is essential for all Etsy Sellers. Blogging is an inexpensive way for Etsy sellers to gain online visibility, grow their brand, stand out from their competitors, and attract more prospective customers. 

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    “Nancy, provides so much value! I wanted to start my Etsy blog was overwhelm with the idea of just starting. I appreciate the amazing post she created on how to start an Etsy blog. I ran into a couple of issues with the installation and reach out to the web provider she recommended and they had amazing customer service and even finished my installation. WOW! It was all worth it and my Etsy blog looks great!”

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