Almost everyone you know has a blog or website these days. The main focus of these blogs is to connect with people and build relationships while providing valuable and unique content.

What do you currently do to set yourself apart from among the millions of blogs that already exist? Having great content is a start but how about the visual?

Bluchic WordPress Themes are crafted especially for female entrepreneurs just like you! You’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful & professional online presence that reflects the value of your brand and business. Click on your favorite theme below to view a live demo.

Feminine WordPress Theme






Bluchic themes are flexible enough for the WordPress Wonder Woman and simple enough for the “non-techy” WordPress newbie to building a website that brings your vision to life.

Landing Page Templates

With these templates, creating your landing page will be easy and stress-free — leaving you plenty of time to focus on the other parts of your marketing and launch.




Canva Social Media Templates

Use Bluchic customizable CANVA templates to create share-worthy social media graphics that drive traffic to your website and turn your audience into raving fans.


Canva Social Media Templates $67 



You’ll have a total of 85 unique options

  1. Instagram Post
  2. Instagram Post With Content Upgrade
  3. Instagram Quote
  4. Instagram Webinar
  5. Instagram Sale
  6. Pinterest Post
  7. Pinterest Post With Content Upgrade
  8. Instagram Stories Post
  9. Instagram Stories Post With Content Upgrade
  10. Instagram Stories Webinar
  11. Instagram Stories Quote
  12. Instagram Stories Sale
  13. Facebook & Twitter Post
  14. Facebook & Twitter Post With Content Upgrade
  15. Facebook Cover
  16. Twitter Header
  17. Content Upgrade Button