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Are you struggling to come up with new articles for your blog? One of the most frequent questions is, “Where do I get blog ideas?” The most challenging aspects of blogging is thinking up of what to write about. Today, we have a list of 10 idea starters for stuck bloggers. Let’s get started. 

Blog Post You Can Write About

1. “How To” Tutorials

“How to” articles are a great way to create valuable packed content in one post. Writing an informative tutorial or guide is a great way to increase readership. The “how to” articles have always been one of my top producing articles that has gain the most views. These types of articles are very useful since they give instructions on a subject step by step. 

2. Controversial 

If you are blogging about a controversial subject, make your not attacking anyone. An controversial post will generate conversation and tons of traffic. These type of post often gain a lot of comments make sure to reply to your readership. 

3.  Problem Solving

Finding innovative solutions to a problem is a great way to increase readership, gain traffic, and built credibility as an expert in your niche. Problem solving post are also a great way to monetize your website. If you have a product that helps solve a major problem make sure to write a post on it and illustrate how the product works. 

4. Roundups

Why write a roundup post? A properly executed roundup can put your blog on the map. It’s also a great way to gather up responses from a number of industry experts in one single post. The roundup posts are also a great edition to send in your newsletter. They usually have a great conversion rate. 

5. Checklist

Writing a checklist post it’s an easy way to post broken down steps into one easy to follow post. The checklist post are very popular since they illustrate step by step instructions on all the things you will need. For instance, I have written tons of checklist article and they have also received tons of views. 

6. Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to reveal a project or achievement you completed. I love reading case studies since they save me a lot of hassle, I usually learn a lot of valuable lessons, and there are full of quality content. As a promotional stand of point case studies make great material to promote for any type of niche. 

7. List Post

List post have always been a popular format of post for bloggers. Writing a list post is an effective way to drive traffic to your blog. 

8. Inspiration

If you’re a blogger, writing about your past experience and valuable lessons that changed your life makes a terrific post. I enjoy reading inspiration post because they usually bring a new light to a situation you might be struggling with. I personally wrote an article name, “10 Things I wish I know before I started blogging.” It was one of my most popular article since I gave value and explain how to avoid my mistakes.  

9. Frequently Asked Question

Adding a frequently asked question page to your website has many benefits. The readership will be able to get most of their questions answer in one page and it will help reduce daily enquiries.

10.  Interviews

Interviews have become popular features on many blogs. Having an interview series can be intimidating at first  but there are an effective way to build credibility and increase your readership by having experts of your niche in your website. 


I hope you have enjoy these 1o ideas starters for stuck bloggers. Make sure to leave any post ideas I have not mention below in the comment area. Please join my newsletter to receive free online marketing tips!