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15 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Websites

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Success on the web begins with planning.  There are handful of things you can do in order to ensure a successful website. The first time I launch my blog there were tons of missing components that impacted the success of my website.

I did not have a blueprint to follow and it was my biggest downfall. I have compose a list of 15 rules I follow when creating a successful websites. 

15 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Websites

#1 Speed

Your site speed should be a priority as slow sites can make a big impact on your visitors. A website that loads slowly will lose customers because of the speed quality.

The benefits of having a fast speed website is important since Google has long stated website performance will impact search ranking. 

#2 Security

You may think your site does not have anything worth being hacked for but websites are compromise all the time. A website breach can be devastating to your business.

Can you imagine after all the time invested into your business the security has been compromised and all your files are permanently gone? 

#3 Domain Name

When choosing a domain make sure it ends with The domain should be easy to type. 

Here are a couple of other tips when selecting the domain name:

  • Make the domain unique
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Keep the name as short as possible
  • Avoid copyright infringement
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers

#4 Email List

Growing your email list is one of the most effective marketing techniques. Email marketing is a powerful way to connect to people.  The cost of email marketing is relatively cheap compared to the value it brings to your company. 

#5 Broken Link

A link that does not work anymore is called a broken link, dead link, or dangling link. Find broken links within your site and fix them. Check for broken links using tools such as

#6 Set Goals

A great brand experience for your customers is the result of setting concrete goals that meet both user and business targets. Having concrete, measurable website goals will help you ensure your website is truly serving as a tool to help your readers.

I personally keep a notepad with set goals. By writing my goals down it helps me review them on a daily basis and actually complete them. 

#7 Traffic

There are many creative ways to increase traffic to your website. Make sure to use social media, email marketing, podcast, videos, Google, to increase traffic to your website. 

#8 Consistency 

Consistency is one of the success mantra for any blog. An effective blogger maintains consistency by always having fresh content to help drive more traffic to the site and build their community. 


Respond to positive and negative comments demonstrate that feedback is important to you, be it good or bad. When working on reputation management for your brand, it’s important to respond to your readers. When I do get comments I always make a point to respond.

#10 Ask

Building relationships with other bloggers in your space and receiving advice/feedback is a great way to establish yourself and help you save time on common mistakes others have made.

Another great way to establish relationships with others in your relevant field is joining forum sites. The benefit of using forum sites is building relationships and been able to ask question about anything you need advice/help. 

#11 List Article

A list article usually creates a lot of interaction. People love list post because it includes a list of free resources in one post. 

#12  Successful People

Surround yourself with people who will help you reach your goals. Smart entrepreneurs surround themselves with successful people that can take your business to the next level. 

#13 Don’t Quit

Running a business is tough It’s all too easy to start a business and then give up as soon as things don’t go the way you envisioned. Focus on the reason why you started your business and don’t give up.

#14 Back Up

We spend so much time and effort working on our blogs, why not go the extra mile and ensure your blog is backup.

It’s very important to make sure your blog content is backed up frequently. As a blogger or writer, the most important thing you have is content you’ve created. 

#15 Invest In Yourself

The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. Whether you want to become a better bloggers or learn how to create an info graphic is great to always innovate yourself. 

Following these tips will help ensure to have a successful website. Make sure to subscribe to my blog to receive free marketing tips. 

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  1. Mohsin qasim says:

    It’s really a nice info thanks for this article.

  2. Anita Dow says:

    Hi Nancy
    You make some important points here especially about security and backing up your blog. I will put that on my ‘to do’ list for this week. Many thanks.

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