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17 Unexpected Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Owners

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Looking for Facebook post ideas that will get you tons of comments, likes, and shares? Are you unsure what to post on Facebook? Many small business owners play it safe and fail to increase their Facebook engagement. We’ve got you covered.  In this post, I’m going to share 17 unexpected Facebook post ideas for small business owners

Facebook Ideas For Business

1. Ask For Advice

One of the easiest ways to increase your engagement is to ask for advice. Ask your community for advice, request opinions, and even give them incentive for responding. 

Ask your fan questions using fill in the blank post. They work great and increase Facebook engagement. 

  • What’s your favorite social media platform _____ ?
  • If I hear this word ____ one more time I will explode.
  • I love eating _____ for breakfast? 

2. Show Your Company Personality

You’ll need to show that you are a real person so your audience can connect to you. Showing authenticity at all times lets your company be seen in a great light and increases your audience engagement. 

Boost Your Company Personality By Doing The Following:

  • Use Your Real Name
  • Add A Face
  • Listen To Your Community
  • Fill Out Your Bio
  • Always Respond To Every Comment

3. Use Images

Using your own custom made images is a great way to brand your company, boost engagement, and help tell your story. Make sure to incorporate an image on every single post. 

4. Run A Poll

Engage your audience  by running a poll and gaining valuable insights from your community. The poll help you get to know your audience and what they like or dislike. 

5. Share Inspirational Quotes

I find that sharing inspirational quotes always maximizes my user engagement. I also try to encourage every single person in my community. If they are facing challenges in their blogs, I will always be positive and find a solution for them. By always displaying a positive outcome my audience are always inspired and motivated. 

6. Share Your Audience Content

Facebook is a great tool that allows you to share, like, comment, exchange information, and ideas. The biggest mistake many small business owners do is not reaching out to your audience. Make sure you pay attention to what your fans are posting, commenting, and once in a while even share your audience content if you find it useful and relevant to your business. 

7. Follow Friday

Follow Friday gives your business the opportunity to mention another website or Facebook page that you recommend for your audience to follow.  

8. Provide Quality Content

Distributing good quality content to an interested audience is the best way to increase your engagement. By writing quality content your audience will be compel to share your post. 

9.  Share A Photo of Your Employees

Sharing pictures of your employees, customers, or events in the workplace makes your brand feel more relatable. Your audience will start seeing the employees behind the company and it increases your credibility. 

10. Be Personal

Go ahead and post a personal story about your business. By been personal and sharing a story your audience will relate to your brand and know there’s a real person behind the business. 

  • Tell your audience what motivated you to start your business? It’s a great storyline to share with your community.

11. Facebook Ads

If you want to take advantage of Facebook for business reasons, you have plenty of ways to do. One option that many are forgetting is advertising, however. By putting your banners here, you will be able to appeal to a much larger audience. This audience will likely consist of the customers whom you are trying to target.

12. Content Poll

 Facebook contests are a great way to drive engagement and to build a database.

Benefits of Using A Contest Poll:

  • Add Fans
  • Commenting Increases
  • More Social Sharing
  • Increases Traffic

13. Blog Post

Make sure to include each blog post on your Facebook Business Page. 

The Blog Post Should Include:

  • Title
  • Brief Description Of The Post
  • Link To Your Blog
  • Image

14. Fan Challenge

Create a fan challenge to drive more engagement and conversation. You can create topics such as:

  • 30 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Site
  • Slim Down In 7 Days

15.  Include A Call To Action

Each post you create should include a call to action at the bottom of the post or video. Adding a call to action will entice people to actually take action from your content. To increase Facebook shares add a call to action, is as simple as telling your users what you want them to do politely. They can be of all forms from getting more page views to lining up a sale.

16. Make A List

Have you noticed that everyone is creating list post? Any headlines that list a number of reasons, secrets, or types get the most social shares. It’s a quick way to add a lot of resources under one post. A lot of people do find a lot of value on list post.

Samples of list titles:

# Things Your ___ doesn’t tell you

# _____ trends for [ Year ]

# _____ every __ should own

#Amazing ____ to try right now

17. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups allow you to easily communicate with people who share the same interest as yourself. Many of these Facebook Groups are very large having over 20K members. This will give your post more exposure and increase engagement.

I hope this article comes in handy with 17 unexpected Facebook post ideas for small business owners. Make sure to join my newsletter to receive free online marketing tips and tricks. 

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    I am interested to increase my blog traffic by using cpc, and I’m not sure what to choose, Facebook ads or Adwords?
    I already checked how much I need to pay to advertise using Adwords and that is the reason why I want to try something different.

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