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Did you know you can hide your Etsy sales history? This is not a new feature but one that many new Etsy Sellers don’t know about. In the post, I will be going over 5 Reasons To Hide Your Etsy Sales History ASAP! Let’s get started! ⤵

5-Reasons-To-Hide-Your-Etsy-Sales-History-ASAPWhy Hide Your Etsy Sales History?


My number one reason why I hide my Etsy sales history is so my competitors don’t see my best sellers. I work hard to do market research and come up with original designs. I don’t want someone else to reap the benefits from all my hard work. We all know someone or have been victims of Etsy sellers who see a store doing well and instead of using it as inspiration they copy the exact design and start selling as their own original idea.

Value vs Numbers

I personally don’t care for showcasing to potential buyers the number of sales that I have made. I would rather have a buyer make the decision to buy from my shop after reading the about me section, listing description, and reading my reviews. The buyer taking the time to learn more about the Etsy Seller is more valuable than the number of sales.

Discourages Buyers

I do think that many new Etsy Sellers might not get a sale at times due to not having any sales or low amount of sales. It does discourage buyers to buy from new shops because they are scared of doing business with that new shop.

No Longer In Stock

You run the risk of a potential buyer going through your sale history and wanting an item that is no longer in stock. That buyer might reach out to you asking for that item and even when you politely say you no longer have it in stock or even sell it turns customers off and therefore go elsewhere.

Confuses Buyers

The sales history can also make a potential buyer confused on the gaps or the number of sales. Maybe you took a vacation for a month so you now have a gap of a month where you didn’t sale anything. The sales history doesn’t give the buyer the full story and they might assume your shop isn’t as popular as it may seem. You can also sell a lot of things by quality giving your number of sales a good indicator that you sell a lot but also have gaps between orders.

Do you currently hide your Etsy sales history? If so, why? Comment below!