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There is no doubting the fact that WordPress is popular. No wonder, the content managing software powers more than 1 billion sites today and offers its users numerous helpful features, ease of use and scalability.

The different plugins available for website owners is also an appealing feature, and according to the WordPress database, more than 47,000 plugins are currently available which are used by website owners to manage their operations more efficiently, retain more visitors, and gain more traffic.

If you have a WordPress website running, chances are you have already chosen multiple ad formats and are optimizing it to entice more visitors and of course, increase your revenue. However, there are several WordPress plugins that can also help you in this regard and improve the overall experience of your visitors.

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of our top favorite WordPress plugins that website owners can conveniently use to enhance traffic on their sites and increase conversion rate. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the top 5 plugins that we always integrate into our WordPress website.

  1. SumoMe Share Bar

Did you know that the usage of social media in America has increased from 24% to 81% in the past ten years?

Social media is a rapidly growing phenomenon, and we can never deny its importance in today’s digital era. Sharing through social media is a great way to promote your business as these social networking sites make it easy to reach a massive audience with just a single click.

Although self-promotion is also profitable, it becomes a completely different story when existing consumers endorse your product/service, as then the potential visitors are more compelled to click on your link.

The SumoMe Share Bar hovers at the bottom of the screen, giving readers an option to promote their content on different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. The bar is also equipped with a tracker that counts the number of times your page has been shared.

  1. Salesmate CRM

A Customer Relationship Management system is an essential need these days. It helps website owners keep track of all their communication with clients and makes it easy for them to access all emails, calls, meetings, discussions, and presentations from a single dashboard.

Although several third-party apps are available for CRM integration through WordPress, Salesmate is one of the widely used systems owing to its ease of use and unique features. In fact, one of its most important features is that the WordPress CRM integration can be conducted via Gravity Forms plugin that allows website owners to capture leads from the website to the Salesmate CRM automatically.

  1. Google XML Sitemap

Search engines are powerful. However, sometimes they also get lost in the midst of numerous blogs. To ensure your website is indexed correctly and showing up in search engines at all times, install the Google XML Sitemap plugin.

The sitemap helps search engine crawlers find a way to your website while updates and new posts are notified immediately to the search engines, increasing the possibility of potential visitors to land on your page.

  1. WordPress Inspector

The website’s performance should frequently be tested to assess if everything is running up to the mark. The WordPress Inspector is a handy tool that analyzes the speed, performance, security, and mobile readiness of the website.

The plugin ensures that all the features are running smoothly and your visitors have a positive experience with your site. Best of all, the WordPress Inspector is free to use!

  1. WPtouch Mobile

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a theme that is not mobile responsive. However, if you have installed one that is not optimized for mobile devices and you don’t have the resource to rebuild your website from scratch, then don’t worry – the WPtouch Mobile plugin creates a simple mobile theme for the site without any added cost.

All the website owners should make it a point to pay the extra cost and avoid building a non-mobile responsive website in today’s digital era. However, it’s alright if you have done the ‘regrettable,’ as the WPtouch Mobile plugin removes the hassle of creating a new site and allows readers to access your website through mobile devices easily.


WordPress plugins are around to help website owners make the most of their website. Whether you are building a website for a hobby or business –chances are that generating profitable revenue is your ultimate goal.

With these plugins, we are sure you would find it easy to manage various aspects of your websites and ensure that your visitors have the best experience on your site. Try them out and let us know which one is your favorite plugin to use with WordPress.