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A blog that is well written and well thought always gains popularity. If your blog puts a positive impact on the reader, then they would definitely follow your posts and this way you can develop yourself as an authority in your niche.

Therefore, it is necessary that your blog should boast of originality and should be free from all sorts of errors.  Grammarly checks more than 250 grammatical mistakes and proofreads the content.


Here are six reasons why you should not publish your blog without using Grammarly:

  1. Mistakes are not expected from you!

As you are writing the public blogs which are going to be read by so many people then is it looks good that your readers are commenting on your mistakes? Certainly not! Your blogs should act as an ideal for people and not a mistake center. People should visit your blog to read your views and not to check your mistakes. Grammarly checks the common grammar errors, sentence formation, verb confusions and negation use to enhance the quality of your blog.

  1. Copying is a crime!

Grammarly proofreads the content and checks the plagiarism if any in the content. You can then correct if there are any errors in it. This saves from putting your image down. The content should always be fresh and original. The copied content doesn’t give you reputation instead it steals the repute that you have already!

  1. Satisfy the taste palate of search engine

Search engines give priority to only quality blogs which can attract the crowd. Therefore, if your blog has errors and is copied, then it would not be given any priority by the search engines. The algorithms of these engines are strong enough to detect the error, but the search engines trust the Grammarly reviews. Every blogger wants to achieve the top position in the rankings of search engine, and Grammarly can help you in achieving that!

  1. Quality blogging leads to success

Your idea and thought of writing may be wonderful but aside from them, the correctness of your language matter. A quality blog post is the combination of appropriate grammar, logical sentences, correct spelling, the proper order of words, and right use of verbs and so on. If the sentences are wrong, then you may never be able to convey the exact idea. Quality blogging leads to success and Grammarly can help you in ringing the bells of success.

  1. Vocabulary enhancement

You are a blogger, and you may be having a whole inventory of vocabulary! But it is just your words through which your blog can either make an impact or fall flat. Grammarly helps to enhance your vocabulary by sugge synonyms of various words. This way you would be able to increase your knowledge base and make your blog more attractive as people are hungry for new words!

  1. Pocket friendly

Grammarly is not at all expensive. Its cost is quite less than what you earn through your blogs. Therefore, you should use this tool to make your blogs more meaningful.

These are the top benefits of using Grammarly. Grammarly constructs your image in the world of writing. It strengthens your sword of pen and thus you should include this tool in your writing kit! Try Grammarly Today!