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I have been a digital marketing specialist for 11 years. During this time, I have gone through two desks. My first desk was a nice desk. It served its purpose for about 4 years. Then I had no choice but to downsize due to my office being turned into a nursery for my firstborn.

Now that my brand is recognizable and I have become an influencer, I need a bigger, more professional desk that I am not ashamed to show off on my 500+ YouTube videos.  Plus, since I am at my desk 18 hours a day, I need a desk that will help me work smarter, not harder. I needed a desk that is conducive to me and for what I do. Not a desk that causes my health to suffer and produces clutter.

After extensive research, Autonomous seemed to offer the best affordable standing desk. Not only did they have a standing desk, but also they had an affordable adjustable standing desk.


I thought to myself, THIS IS PERFECT!!! I can work sitting or standing! I knew this was the desk for me because it will help with my physical health. And let me reemphasize that considering all of the features that it came with, it is extremely affordable.


Here are the pros and cons that made my decision for me.


• Space efficient (Fits right in the corner)

• Improves overall physical health and posture

• Adjustable (Stand or sit)

• Extremely sturdy (Holds 2-3 Monitors)


• Easy to assemble


• Heavy

Once my smart desk arrived, I was extremely excited to put it together and try it out. The instruction pamphlet and website video were very helpful while assembling the desk. This made it very easy to put together. I must admit, when I saw the size of the boxes, I thought my husband was going to be working all night. But, it didn’t take him long at all. This was a perfect standing desk for a small workspace. I instantly started decorating and organizing my NEW DIY standing desk with so much excitement. 


After only a week of using my new smart desk, I can already see a difference in every area of my work life. And, I can feel a difference in myself physically. When I look at my videos now, I see a spacious, clean, and professional-looking desk that I am not ashamed to display. When I am working hours and never leaving my office, I don’t feel as tired because the desk is so conducive to me. I am one with my desk.  I feel a difference in my confidence as well. I am more comfortable working now and less stressed. This has transferred confidence to my videos, live webinars, podcasts, etc.

The smart desk has a very slick and sleek design to it. It looks plain but very professional. It’s “L” shape design allows it to fit perfectly in a corner. It gives me a lot more space. I have dedicated one area of my smart desk as my set up for all of my blog videos. This is perfect for me because one, I have a setup in place, I can leave that area alone and use the rest of the desk for my work. It is so efficient!!! (pic of the desk)

While the desk is very heavy, it is because it is made out of metal. This was a critical point for me because it means the desk is sturdy and long-lasting. I need the sturdiness because of what I have on the desk. I needed my desk to withstand the weight of two monitors, books, desk décor, a lamp, desk organizer, and a ring light. Having the desk being made out of metal means that this desk is built for the long haul. Unlike my two previous desks that lasted a total of 8 years, I am positive this desk will be with me for 15-20 years or more. It’s a great feeling to have peace of mind knowing that a desk is not something I will have to worry about for some time.

One of the main features that were a pleasant surprise, was the space. Sure, I’ve mentioned how spacious the desk is for items on top. But I was totally stunned at how much space I have underneath the desk. I stretch my legs. I don’t feel cramped. I can store all of my office supplies. I never have to worry about my desk looking so cluttered because I can store the unnecessary items underneath. This is key because if my background looks amazing, my sales, followers, and post engagement, all might increase. A picture or video can say a thousand words. 

My next move is to invest in the Ergo Chair 2. If I am pleased with my new smart desk from Autonomous, it only makes sense to get a chair that matches it.  Not only will this match my desk, I know it is going to improve my physical health even more. Being at my desk for 15-18 hours, I need to be comfortable. A good chair like the Ergo Chair 2 This is going to help with my posture. 

To sum up everything, this is probably the best investment that I have made in 11 years of having a home office. Regardless of the job that you have, the environment makes the job appealing. Since I work from my home office, I can control the environment and make it as stress-free as possible.


Having the best affordable standing desk, I can feel myself more peaceful and relaxed. While I was grateful for my last two desks, I can see a change in myself already. I am more pleasant because I feel great, even after 18 hours of working. I am not as frustrated because I have the space to organize all of my materials. I am more peaceful and calming. I am bursting with confidence because I feel physically and mentally great! My “L” shape, the smart desk will be my new best friend.