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As an Etsy coach, I specialize in helping Etsy sellers turn their passion into profits. With my expertise in Etsy's marketplace, I guide Etsy sellers and develop a marketing strategy to increase their visibility and sales. 

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In today’s blog post, I wanted to talk about my Etsy Mastery Course, where I hold my student’s hands through the entire process. You’ll know EXACTLY what steps need to be taken to start, manage and scale your Etsy shop to a full-time income for an insanely reduced price of only $47. (Don’t let the price fool you – this is a value pack course with eight bonus courses that I usually sell for $597) In my opinion the best Etsy courses out there!

Before I talk about everything, you get included in the course. I wanted to discuss WHY I reduced the price. 

When my husband got Cancer and had brain surgery in 2019. I was forced to become the breadwinner of my home. Working my full-time job, my side hustle, taking care of my husband, and my son, who has sensory processing disorder, as you can imagine, I had a lot on my plate. 

Then COVID hit a year later. All of these things that happened to me made me realize how blessed I am that my husband’s health is back and how I can take my son to therapy and pay out of pocket while others in the same situation can’t. 

Many of my followers started messaging me and emailing me about losing their jobs and not having the funds to buy my course at the reg price, so I reduced the price to give back to my community. 

I wanted to share this with you guys because, unlike other course creators in my niche, I care, which makes me different. 


In my Etsy Mastery Course, you will have an exact blueprint:

 ❎ You’ll learn how to find PROFITABLE products that are selling on Etsy. I will teach you how to conduct market research and how to validate any product ideas. 

 ❎ Get crystal clear on your brand message and products so you can attract the right audience. 

Learn how to communicate EXACTLY what you do and what you offer so you can clearly 

DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the competition and stand out.

 ❎ Steal my Etsy SEO strategies on how to RANK your products within MINUTES and gain VISIBILITY for your shop. You’ll have a complete breakdown of how Etsy’s algorithm works and the things you have control of. 

 ❎ Learn what it takes to build a SUSTAINABLE Etsy business for the long run. 

I will teach you how to turn cold visitors to warm audiences who will want to do business with you for life. 

❎ Explode your traffic by using my #1 SECRET tool that will help you EXPLODE your

 Etsy TRAFFIC in auto-pilot. You’ll learn how to create the right marketing strategies to drive tons of FREE traffic to your shop to help you get consistent sales. 


I’m sure my Etsy Mastery Course is not the only Etsy course you’ve looked at recently. I get it.

There are a ton of “Etsy Experts” out there these days, all saying they can help you build a profit with your Etsy shop. 

But (and I’m not afraid to say this!) I AM different, I AM better, and The Etsy Mastery Course is the BEST Etsy course currently on the market and most affordable too for a limited time.

In addition, you’ll receive eight bonus courses:

Bonus1: 19 DIY Digital Products Step-by-Step Video Tutorials (and an entire module on everything you need to know about selling printables and digital products) You get an art printable Etsy course.

Bonus2: Mastering Pinterest Course

Bonus3: 365 Instagram Stories Prompts

Bonus4: Facebook Profile Course

Bonus5: How To Set Up A Facebook Group Course

Bonus6: How To Use Instagram For Your Etsy Business Course

Bonus7: How to Create a Fan Page Course

Bonus8: Facebook and Instagram Ads Crash Course

You also get support and coaching from me 24/7 in the private Facebook group.

The truth is, there are a lot of courses out there that just teach you the basics of Etsy. The Etsy coaches do these massive launches, try to get as many people to purchase as possible in a short window and time, and then basically say, “best of luck.”

You NEVER see them again, and they have admins running their emails and Facebook groups.

Early on, I invested in some of those courses, and it always felt like I was just a number and that I was supposed to feel lucky to even be in one of these “guru” programs despite never being able to actually hear from or speak to them.

This way of doing things is broken

That’s why I choose to do things differently in The Etsy Mastery Course:

❎It’s why I provide in-depth guidance and support every single day in our Facebook group, all year round.

❎I don’t TELL you what to do; I actually SHOW you, step-by-step, and practically hold my student’s hands through everything.

❎I designed this course to be an all-in-one deep into building a profitable Etsy business, so you wouldn’t need to supplement it with any other course or coaching program.

❎It’s why I provide lifetime access to our Etsy Mastery Course because I want to be there for every win and every lesson along the way.

❎We have bi-weekly Facebook lives answering your questions and concerns.

By the end of this course, you’ll feel confident in your skills to grow a sustainable Etsy business and make a real income on the platform. This course is for both physical and digital products comes included with Etsy printables course. 

If you’re READY to start, manage, and scale your Etsy Shop then click here to register! Do you have QUESTIONS? Please leave them below!

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I help Etsy sellers turn their passion into profits is a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. Many sellers have great ideas and the drive to succeed, but they lack the knowledge and experience needed to start, manage, and scale their Etsy businesses effectively. As a business coach, I help Etsy sellers by teaching them the exact steps needed to turn their passion into a full-time income.

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