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Are you tired of using the Twitter’s official Android or iPhone app? The social media empowerment has prompted this micro-blogging platform to go through major transitions over the years. The profile page has a new look with widened scope of exhibiting the images, awesome navigation bar and especially the new menu on the left hand side that eases mobility to different sections. Tweet even faster and receive more retweets if you have dashing images on your profile.

However, it is sad to find that even after manifold updates, the official app fails to provide the desired user experience. If you are looking for some alternative solution for Android or iOS, then here is a list of the best Twitter apps to fulfill your requirements. The list has been incorporated under Android and iPhone categories.

Best Twitter Apps

Twitter Apps Android

best-twitter-appsTweetings: This is a paid app, but worth mention in the list for its awesome user interface for allowing the users to customize their account for enhanced functionalities, great results in terms of profile appearance and other editing works. You can change the theme, background, colors and other features to give the desired appearance to the page.


best-twitter-appsTwicca: Some features of this free app are a bit outdated but on average, this is one of the most preferred one for the users owning to the ease of usage. You can gain complete convenience with the ‘Refresh’ button on the timeline that offers faster accomplishment of the procedure.



Tweedle: This is one of the best Twitter apps android to allow better user interface, and very acute best-twitter-appdesign to suit the regular functionalities executed on the account. Achieve a distinguished layout for your timeline and place your tabs as per requirement. You have facilities for complete customization of the profile.



Best Twitter Apps Iphone

best-twitter-appsTweetbot 3: This is one of the most promising twitter apps with extensive range of features including improvised profile appearance and customization, push notifications, automatic themes, swipe, and much more.



best-twitter-appsTwitterrific 5: As already seen that this is the fifth version of the original app, all developed for Twitter account users with iOS devices. With every progressive version launch, the app has got even better to include the latest twitter experience for a comprehensive timeline that includes, posts, shared updates, conversation views and much more.


best-twitter-appsEchofon Pro: This is one of the best twitter apps iphone for novice users for providing a simple interface to amalgamate every feature on a single view. With the built-in tweet extender, you can easily send 140 character tweets from anywhere. This paid app is suitable for use considering the convenience of synchronizing different Apple iOS devices.


The above-mentioned were some of the chosen apps that have received high recognition in offering desirable experience with this social media website. The appearance of your twitter timeline will largely depend on the app and OS you are using on the device. To be more precise about the choice of app before downloading, it is worth taking a glance at the snapshots of the timeline on these apps. You may have to pay a fee for using the app, but the nominal fee offers high-end performance and implementation of required actions at different parts of time.