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As an Etsy coach, I specialize in helping Etsy sellers turn their passion into profits. With my expertise in Etsy's marketplace, I guide Etsy sellers and develop a marketing strategy to increase their visibility and sales. 

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From Etsy tips to scaling your business and ensuring long-term success. 

Why build just a website or blog? Build a web business!

SBI! is all about you starting and building your own business online.

It is the only all-in-1 step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving businesses. No other purchase is necessary. Everything is included…

SBI! is all about e-business building, not merely site-or-blog building.

This is the single biggest difference between SBI! and every other product.

The “latest and greatest” site-building or blogging products are unimportant details compared to SBI!’s business-building combination of process, tools, updating and guidance. Think of it this way… 


A Site or Blog Is Not A Business

It is the “place of business.” Site-building and hosting are included in SBI!, of course. You can use any HTML editor with SBI! Or use SBI!’s groundbreaking BlockBuilder 2. Either way, a module called “Analyze It!” trains you (painlessly) to write “Search-Engine-optimized” pages as you go. Either way, never forget…

Site/blog-building is only 1 out of the 10 key steps for building any e-business. Most blogging software does not include the process or tools or support/guidance necessary to do the other 9 steps.

If you do not do everything necessary to build a business, what’s the point of yet another unvisited site or blog that earns little or no income?

Why have SBI! Owners (“SBIers”) outperformed the competition for more than a decade? It’s the all-in-one combination of step-by-step process, 80+ tools, constant updating, and the highest quality guidance in the “help and be helped” SBI! Forums.

They have done so despite using what just may have been the “clunkiest” sitebuilder in the world, proving that building a site is just one small part of building a profitable online business. Now, SBIers are upgrading from “the old clunker” (that got the job done) to a brand new Ferrari.

Productivity soars. SBIers, already in the Top 3% of sites, are more effective than ever. SBI is all about results. Join the drive….

E-business Vs. Site or Blog

An e-business does more than chase a few dollars with “quick and easy” sites. And blogs are like piles of magazine clippings that get old as soon as you stop blogging. SBI Video Tour!

Sites and blogs cannot come close to the full income potential of properly constructed e-businesses. So, what is more, important?…

Which software do you choose to build a site or blog?

Which Web host you choose to host your blog?

Neither of the two is critical to having a real e-business with meaningful, long-term income. Instead, it’s…

Click here. The SBI! Video Tour
shows & explains everything.

  • how thoroughly you prepare — time here pays back 1000 fold
  • how well you pick and organize your topics
  • how Search-Engine-AND-human-effective your pages are
  • how you build Top 1% traffic
  • how you monetize your visitors (15 major ways).

Only SBI! does all that.

Without its process and tools and guidance, you end up with “just another site or blog” that will never be an e-business with serious revenue potential.

[box type=”info” fontsize=”16″] The Bottom Line? SBI! works. Real people build real business.

Lives change. How can you be sure it’s right for you? As good as it is, SBI! is not for everyone. No product can be, of course.

The real question is, “Is it right for you?” There is only one way to be sure. At absolutely no risk, give SBI! a good try. Commit to it…

  • Follow the Action Guide for one month.
  • Use the tools.
  • Really do it (the folks who do not succeed at SBI! are those who do not use it).
  • Need a helping hand? SiteSell Support is available 24×7.
And go to the SBI! Forums. Incredible people “happen” there every day.

Just do it… SBI! Order Page

Let your experience with SBI! speak for itself. After all is said and done, only your experience counts. It will most likely change your life. If SBI! is not for you, just cancel and refund.
 No reason needed.

Here’s the Money-Back, “Confidence of Success” Guarantee.[/box]


Who Should Be Using SBI?

SBI! is the best way for everyone to build profitable, growing e-businesses, outperforming most professional Web marketers. It does not matter whether you are new to online business-building or whether you are a knowledgeable Internet marketer…

If your online results have yet to make you smile, you need SBI!. SBI!’s unique combination of process-and-tools focuses you to work differently.. You move step by step, effectively and methodically, towards one target, a profitable business.

All you have to add to SBI! is (1) knowledge about anything (everyone knows something about something), (2) positive attitude, and (3) motivation. We call those qualities BAM… “Brain, Attitude, Motivation.” Bring BAM and you will succeed.


Specifically, Who Is Right For SBI!?

No matter who you are or what you do right now, and no matter what your level of computer skills may be, you can use SBI! to get what you want out of business and life (ex., financial rewards, and self-reliance; live life with passion; recognition; self-fulfillment; additional family income and time). Some examples… SBI! Case Studies

  • Stay-At-Home-Moms become income-generating Work-At-Home-Moms, working at their own pace on topics from hair styling to Vieques, Puerto Rico.
  • Local asphalt-sealer grows into a Netpreneur who sells asphalt-sealing kits globally (could you “globalize” your local business?).
  • Corporate exec (sales) quits to start an SBI! Business and puts his former company (and its competitors) to work for him.
  • “eBay slaves” (who used to pick-pack-and-ship-and depend on eBay) turn the tables on them.
  • Husband-and-wife leave Scotland and the textiles business to rent villas in magnificent Tuscany.
  • Teen (now a college student) learns a vital life-and-work skill and earns much more than her tuition-and-rent in New York City through her love of a Caribbean island.
  • Photography lover drops his “safe job” and can’t keep up now with demand for his work as a photographer (what he always wanted to do).
  • Uber-geek (former navy man) becomes a Microsoft MVP and buys the “house of his wife’s dreams,” thanks to 15,000 visitors per day.
  • Corporate cubicle worker (“Dilbert”) quits his 9 to 5 and now travels the world while creating content about children’s topics that generate 2,000,000 visitors per month (and climbing).
  • Savvy Network Marketers soar ahead of their companies, even their “diamonds,” and finally, use the Net to Network and build their own warm, interested (and free) leads.
  • Retired people supplement (surpass!) pensions, working on their passions instead of “the old 9-to-5,” everything from ham radio to Canadian weather.


Return On Investment Of Your E-business

SBI! is not “Get Rich Quick.” For emphasis, allow us to repeat… SBI! is not “Get Rich Quick.” There is no “GRQ” product that works. If there were, why would they sell it?

It does, at first, take more work to build an e-business than a site or blog. In the long run, though, you save time and effort with SBI!. Every hour goes into the 10 key steps to build a business (site-building is just 1 step out of the 10 key business-building steps).

You also save money with SBI!. Those 10 steps require software. Good software for the right tasks is expensive. You can buy some of it separately (just one tool can cost more than all of SBI!). But there is much that you cannot buy, because many tools are unique and because SBI! has been designed to coordinate its tools to work together in ways that single-purpose products can’t do.

What about the “Return On Investment?” There is no comparison with the profit potential, growth, and momentum of a properly built Web-based business. E-businesses not only build growing income, they build tremendous equity (value when you sell your business), unlike blogs.

SBI! provides all you need to build real, long-term, income-growing e-businesses that hold real value. No other product does that. No other product can prove our unmatched track record of success.

Is SBI! The Only Way To Succeed?

Obviously, NO. It is possible to build a successful small e-business online without SBI!. But, as so many SBIers have said in the Forums…

“Why would you want to? It would cost so much more in time and money…”

Web hosts only provide hosting, site-building/blogging software, and some hard-to-install scripts. You need much more than that to build a business.

They even offer “business hosting” for “business sites.” But that is “marketing-ese.” You still end up with a regular Web site or blog. 

Without SBI!, you will spend years figuring it all out, likely developing some bad habits along the way from misinformation. You could spend thousands of dollars on tools. You will likely be distracted by various schemes, including the siren call of “Get Rich Quick” (“GRQ”).

Or you could start right, right now, with SBI!, all the info and tools, all constantly updated, all in one place, ready for you to “just do it.”

No more bouncing around for bits of information here, pieces of software there. And SiteSell Support and the world’s best business-building advice are at your fingertips 24×7.

SBI! is not the only way. But it is the best way.

To understand how SBI! builds businesses, please click here. The SBI! Video Tour explains .

What Does SBI! Deliver?

SBI! assumes you know nothing about building an online business (and yet, it’s invaluable for the advanced Webmaster, too, re-shaping what you know from the ground up). It provides everything you need… SBI!

  • the process that works  –  natural, powerful, proven
  • the complete set of integrated tools  –  everything you need to do the process perfectly
  • business-building support, including 24×7 SiteSell Support and the unmatchable SBI! Forums, the best small business meeting place and the friendliest “help-and-be-helped” place online
  • constant updating of process, tools, and strategies (no need for you to worry about “keeping up”).

No matter how “new” you may be to the online world, you can master the day by day Action Guide to start your own e-business. And you will continue to grow your business and your profits.

Your way. Your control. Your time.


[box type=”info” fontsize=”16″] What About Blogging? “Everyone’s doing it!”

Millions of people follow each other into blogging without careful thought. But consider…

1) It’s The Wrong Format For Most E-Businesses

Blogging is merely a particular way to build a particular type of site. Its format serves well for some online business purposes, but poorly for most. The unquestioning rush to blog is one of the big reasons for the high e-business failure rate. Since blogs are so easy to “do,” millions of people flock to them.

Why is blogging a poor format for most purposes? In the same way that it is sub-optimal to use pliers to drive a nail, you must choose the right software for your purposes. For example…

Blog if you are an insightful pundit/commentator. Blog if you want to cover the cutting edge news and developments in your niche. It’s the perfect format for these two uses.

If you are neither a pundit nor a news-reporter, blogging is the wrong choice of sitebuilding software. Your first (of many more to come) expense will be $100/year for hosting (never take the free blog-hosting offers, not if you are long-term-serious about your business).

Click here for a deeper analysis of blogging today… if, how and when to use it.

2) Blogging Software Only Blogs SBI!

includes all the important business-building software you need, such as… SBI!

  • Brainstorm It! V3 (your intelligent partner)
  • Content 2.0 (pushing SBI! way beyond blogging)
  • and now… BlockBuilder 2.

You do not get business-building software like this with a simple blogging platform and regular $100/year hosting.

You do get the same old story… the blog goes up quickly, but you are not performing the other 9 business-building steps needed to build a profitable business.

WordPress or SBI!? Click here for the full story.[/box]


Enter The SBI! Tortoise

The SBI! Tortoise symbolizes our steady-and-sure approach to online business-building. No GRQ hares here.

Methodically build, step-by-step, a real business… instead of putting up a site or blog and then figuring out what to do.

This is real business.

You do not need to be Net-marketing savvy, nor do you need to be brilliant or technically minded.

NO HTML, FTP, CGI, graphics or programming skills needed (although SBI! is compatible with FrontPage, DreamWeaver, GoLive, CSS, JS, Flash, anything you care to throw at it if you are more technically inclined).

NO Search Engine expertise required.

NO need for expensive tech, Web or graphic consultants.

SBI! Milestones: SBI! 1.0 SBI! 2.0 SBI! 3.0

SBI!’s combination of proven process and complete set of software tools (“modules”) enables you to beat sophisticated competitors who have greater resources. Two “milestone modules” are so game-changing that they advance SBI!, already the best-of-breed business-builder, to “next generation” status…

  • Content 2.0 drives results so much further ahead, it’s hard to believe. SBI! 1.0 became 2.0 in 2008.
  • BlockBuilder 2 – a module so revolutionary that we are entering the third generation of SBI!… SBI! 3.0.

What is the price increase for BB2 (3-year, $3.5 million dollar development)? The same as it was for Content 2.0. It’s always the same increase…

Free. Everything is included in SBI! for the same price.

Building a REAL business takes work, focus and tortoise-like persistence. SBI! handles all the tedious, difficult and technical barriers, leaving you free to invest your BAM into your business.

How To Be 100% Sure Of SBI! At No Risk

As good as it is, SBI! is not for everyone. No product can be, of course.

The real question is, “Is it for you?” The fastest, most objective way to know for sure?

Give SBI! a good try. Let your experience with SBI! speak for itself. After all is said and done, only your experience counts. Try SBI!. Like most others, it will change your life.


If SBI! is not for you, just cancel and refund.
 No reason needed. Here’s the Money-Back, “Confidence of Success” Guarantee. Total risk = $0. 

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