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12 Ways To Get More Pinterest Followers

Want to get more Pinterest followers? Take your Pinterest marketing to the next level? In this article, I will discuss 12 key ways to build and multiple your audience. how-to-get-more-pinterest-followers

Following these tips will help increase your Pinterest engagement and drive traffic to your site.

How To Get More Pinterest Followers

1. Add The Pinterest Follow Button

It’s easy to add this button to your site. Many content management system makes it simple to add the Pinterest follow button. The follow button will allow visitors n your site to follow your Pinterest profile by simply clicking on the button.



2. Add The Profile Widget

Pinterest profile widgets are a fun visual way to show off your latest pin and attract new followers right on your website. The profile widget can display up to 30 of your latest pins.


3. Comment On Popular Pins

Get more Pinterest followers by leaving comments on popular pins. The comments should be longer than two words and should contain something meaningful to the pin. The more you comment, the more exposure you’ll get on your Pinterest profile will receive.


4. Mention Others

A great way to get notice and gain new followers is to mention them in a pin. When you mention someone on Pinterest, consider complimenting them too. This will further draw you to that person to notice you and gain new followers.



5. Connect Your Social Networks

An excellent way to boost your social media productivity and growth is by connecting your social media channels. Social networking has changed they way we can communicate and connect across the globe.



6. Find Friends From Others Social Networks
Pinterest makes it easy to find friends through other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, etc. Simply click on your business name in the top right corner of the screen. Click on “Find Friends” in the drop-down menu.



7. Contribute To Other Boards

Another great way to gain exposure and followers is to contribute to other boards. Search for popular groups and spend time developing a relationship with the board owner. When you have established a solid relationship, then ask them to invite you to the board.

8. Follow Others

Make sure to follow others relevant to your niche. I do follow people with the same interest, but only a fraction of them will follow you back. Give it a couple of days and go ahead and unfollow those who did not follow back. Continue to repeat the process.


9. Run Contest

The contest should be a key component of your Pinterest marketing strategy. Make to host a contest on the topic you will be pinning to your account.

10. Create a blog board

I create a board filled with all my blog articles. Having my blog articles on board makes it easy for my followers to stay updated with any new content.

The Blog Post Should Include:

  • A brief summary of the article
  • An excellent image
  • A link directly to your blog


11. Perfect Pinterest Image

Another important factor in gaining followers in Pinterest is by having great images. Always keep in mind that Pinterest is all about visuals.

12. Fill Out Your Profile

It’s crucial to have your profile filled out completely. Make sure the profile include your contact name, business name, profile picture, about section, link to the website, and location.



Following these Pinterest tips will help indeed grow your followers! Please share how to get more Pinterest followers and sign up for my newsletter to receive one delightful email a week about online marketing.