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Making a video on Youtube is a creative way to express your thoughts and share your creation with a worldwide audience. If you are wondering how to make a video on youtube  then just follow the steps given in this article which will explain in details about all you need to know to create your own Youtube video.

How To Make A Video On Youtube

  1. First you need to choose your recording equipment be it a smartphone, a webcam or a cam corder.
  2. The second and most important step is to come up with an original, interesting or catchy idea. You can choose to create a video blog and update it regularly or create a montage with a musical background. Cat and dog videos are increasingly popular these days and can be recorded with any handheld device. You can also consider uploading a comedy video or review a product or service.
  3. Once you have come up with the right kind of idea you now need to start the process of recording. Feel free to record multiple takes until you get it right. Make sure to record more than you will be using.
  4. Now you need to transfer your video from the recording device to your computer.
  5. In order to make your video look more professional you need to edit the contents of your video. You can use Windows Movie Maker which is basic edit software to stitch your clips, delete unwanted portions and add transition effects and title screens. Mac users have the option of editing their video with iMovie. However if you are confident enough then use a professional video editing software like Adobe Premier Elements or Final Cut Pro by Apple.
  6. Next you need to export your edited video to a location which can be easily found.
  7. The seventh step consists of uploading and promoting your video. Create a Youtube account for free and log in. Once you have logged in you need to click the upload button at the top right to begin the process of uploading. You will have to provide different information about your video to the site. Make sure that you don’t upload anything which violates the terms of use of Youtube. Uploading a video takes some time so you need to be patient while your video uploads on the site.
  8. The eighth step involves titling and describing your video so as to arouse the interest of your target audience. Never drop in catchy keywords to drive traffic since your audience will hate you for that and make sure that nobody else watches it. Add on to the point title with a punchy description often helps. You can also choose to add something amusing or sarcastic in your video description.
  9. Now you need to promote your video by adding tags which are nothing but descriptive keywords related to your video.
  10. Next you can spread your uploaded video by finding popular related videos and connecting them to your video with the help of comments and video responses. That is all you need to know to make a video on youtube.

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