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Hi Everyone! Welcome to another tutorial. In today’s post, I will be explaining what a ZIP file is and how to open a zip file. Let’s began!

How-To-Open-A-Zip-FileWhat is a ZIP File?

What is a ZiP file used for? A ZIP file is a digital folder containing multiple documents or images that have been compressed down into a single zipped folder to easily share with others. Using a ZIP file makes emailing or downloading files faster and more efficient for both users. 

Majority of my digital downloads are compressed down into a ZIP file due to the space limitation provided by Etsy and it’s better than sending multiples files to a customer. 

How to download a ZIP file?

As an Etsy seller, one of the common questions I get from my buyers is how do I download a ZIP folder. I decided to create this short tutorial to help anyone who has never come across opening a ZIP folder. Please keep in mind you will be able to open the file with any operating system on a computer. If you tried opening a ZIP folder from your mobile device or tablet you will need a third party app to open the file. 

Here are the instructions for laptop or desktop computer:

Windows 7 and 10
– Right-click on the Zip file and choose “Extract All”
– Choose a location for the folder to be extracted into
– Keep the “Show extracted files when complete”, unchecked
– Click on the “Extract” button to start the extraction
– This folder is now your working copy of the Zip file
– You may delete or keep the ZIP file

Windows XP and Vista
– Double click on the zip folder
– In the window that opens, click on the “Extract all Files” link
– The “Extraction Wizard” will open, click “Next”
– Choose a destination for your unzipped folder
– Click “Finish” to complete the download
– This folder is now your working copy of the Zip file
– You may delete it or keep the ZIP file

– Double click on the zip file
– Done

Here are the instructions for mobile device or tablets:

You’ll need to download a third party app in order to open any zip file. 


I hope this tutorial comes in handy the next time you need to open a ZIP file. Please make sure to subscribe to my blog for additional tutorials!