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In todays interview we are going to be talking with Ian Fernando from IanFernado.Com

Ian’s Biography: I am an entrepreneur at heart. I enjoy creating money online whether it be marketing my own products or affiliate marketing. Knowledgable to the online space I have been fortunate enough to speak about online marketing. My most passion I have is traveling around the world and experiencing the culture. Ian Fernando

1. Hi Ian, can you tell my readers and me more about yourself? What do you do in the world of online marketing for anyone who isn’t already familiar? 

Sure. I have been in this industry for about 7 years now and I do a little bit of everything online. I started with eBay and grew to be a product owner. I have been a solid affiliate for 5 years, which is the majority of my online career. I sold digital products, done product launches, created membership sites, blogging, I have done it all in the online space.

2. When and where did you make your first dollar in Internet Marketing?

eBay since I would have to market my profile. In essence I made my first 7$ with e-books and marketing it on MySpace. Info marketing was very popular since the Internet back then was still young.

3. What strategies are Evergreen and help generating revenue month after month despite what some big search does? 

Numbers! Numbers are always evergreen; if you do not know how to read numbers and figure out numbers then you have no business. It is the only evergreen strategy a business owner should have. Without numbers you only know money in and money out. Numbers allows you to dissect a campaign, a marketing strategy, a demographic, etc. Understanding how numbers affect your business is the way to go.

4. What is your biggest online marketing challenge?

Growth. With growing you have to find employees that is willing to work as hard as you but will also accept a paycheck. It is hard to find quality people. I have to understand there is no one like me or like my partners and I need to make sure their drive is still burning 6 month down the road to however they stay with us. Expanding to new ideas is always troublesome – new roadblocks, new deals, etc. Growth plays a huge growing pain, I assume for everyone.

5. What are your top “must follow” Internet marketing blogs?

I don’t specifically follow a blog. I like reading relevant news, o I always stay on top of Great consolidated resource for the affiliate marketing space.

6. How do you communicate your trustworthiness? 

Knowledge and Transparency. Both work hand in hand. Knowing what you are talking about plays a huge role because it helps you engage in high-level conversations without looking clueless all the time. I have spoken to some business people and I will always find someone that talks more than they know. Which isn’t good because you challenge their technique and strategy and they themselves proves themselves wrong. This plays with transparency, if they “think” they know then they really do not know. Being transparent is very important because it shows you who you are and how dependable you are to the industry. A lot of people will trust your opinion base on the knowledge you can provide.

7. What is the biggest mistake I can avoid starting out in Internet Marketing? 

Don’t do everything. Just concentrate. Who cares about risk. These straightforward ideas I think is what made me today. When I first started I did everything I read in e-books. Fail. By doing this I only concentrated on 10% of 10 ideas. Only making minimal or nothing income on the Internet. When I finally concentrated on an idea or strategy I was able to make some sustainable income. Then once I was able to automate and make profit without much work I would take the time I earned back into a new project. While working on a strategy I would risk time or money, who cares. Risk is just a fear factor word. It only makes you seem like you are going to loose because negativity plays a bigger role in our head than positivity. When you think about risk you put doubt, so never mind about risk and turn that thought around. I am buying data; not losing money would be a good example of how to turn risk into a positive thought.

 8.  How can we find out what you audience is really looking for?

You can research data which can be of course skewed. The best way is to test it yourself. Buy traffic, send traffic yourself. This is the best way because you are going to find that raw data which will tell you who your audience really are.

9. What is next for Ian, What can we expecting this coming year? 

2013 was a great year and 2014 will be another boss of a year. I am expanding more into physical products and online software’s. Selling my old software company back in 2012, I would like to get back into helping the community with tools I personally use to help with my online career. Creating products is where I will continue to grow.

Ian Fernando

10. What area of online marketing do you consider yourself an expert in? 

Performance marketing. I like data and I like challenges. I am a very creative person and puzzles are such a great tease for me. My theory is “if 100 users click on my ad, why didn’t 100 users convert” – this is what I go by when I look at my data. How can I better my landing pages to make these clicks convert faster and yield me a higher ROI.

Thank you Ian Fernando for the interview! It’s greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Make sure to stop at IanFernando.Com today!