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Proven Ways To Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Website

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If you run a website or an e-commerce store and don’t get enough visitors to your page, chances are that either your content isn’t up to the mark or you aren’t promoting your website. In either case, it is very important to create traffic for your business in order to generate leads that will subsequently help increase sales.

If you wish to attract a particular audience to your site, you need to strive towards increasing targeted traffic. While creating targeted traffic takes time and consistency, here are some amazing and guaranteed ways that will guide you how to do that easily and efficiently.

Social media remarketing

Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are definitely great mediums to promote your website and keep your audience coming back to you. While Twitter is perfect for short and tempting links, with Facebook, you can set up remarketing audiences and significantly increase your targeted traffic.

All you have to do is install a Facebook tracking pixel on your site from where you can continue to market to your existing customers. This will help you track your visitors, and will also make it easy for you to advertise to them the kind of content and the services they are looking for.

Content creation

If you don’t have appealing and interesting content on your website, having minimal traffic is a given. Therefore, it’s essential for you to create quality content so that your visitors keep coming back to your site and aren’t disappointed.

Creating content that keeps people around is the key element here because once your targeted niche knows that you produce great content, they will want to keep visiting your site to read more of that quality content.

While doing that, also try to mix things up to create content diversity. One interesting way of going about it is varying the length and format of your website’s content so that readers find it different from other sites on the block.

You could also start writing beat-based pieces on your site, which simply means to write articles around a particular issue or a theme.

Allow guest blogging on your site

Imagine if you could increase targeted traffic to your website and have new visitors at the same time. Sounds like a great deal, no? One way you could do this is by allowing guest blogging on your site and inviting your audience to blog on your own site.

By doing so, people who post on your site are likely to share their blog, with your website’s link, in their circle. This, in turn, will not only bring new readers to your website but will also have your existing visitors coming back to you.

Mobilize your website

With the advancements in technology, more and more people are browsing and surfing the internet through their smart phones. The number of mobile searches is ever-increasing and if your website can’t be accessed from a mobile, you will lose a big chunk of your visitors.

According to several studies, 28% of mobile searches convert within an hour, so you might want to mobilize your website, at the earliest, and allow your visitors to have a seamless browsing experience on your site via their mobile phones.

Article marketing

If you are looking for a simple and guaranteed way to create targeted traffic, article marketing is the right way to go about it. Submitting quality articles that are related to your niche to different article directories, with your website’s link in them, can be a great way to attract targeted customers to your website.

You can also publish those articles on various social media sites or on other related blogs that allow guest blogging. This will help you generate significant traffic, which you can lead to your email sign-up page or create links to your blog posts.

Create long-tail keywords

For individuals who are very particular with their searches and look for specific solutions for problems, targeting them with this strategy is your best shot at increasing traffic. You should make sure that your posts and your website content include all the relevant terms and phrases related to your business or niche. Doing this will keep bringing your audience to your website who search for related blogs or articles using long keywords.

Blog commenting

While posting articles on others’ blogs is one way of attracting audiences, posting comments on these blogs is another great way to generate traffic on your website. Neil Patel, the famous marketer, blogger and entrepreneur says that he managed to generate $25000 by posting 249 comments on various blogs.

The key here is to first find those sites or blogs that create content related to your niche or business. This is important because related websites will reap better results than those that are not related to your industry. The traffic created this way is also more targeted and visitors are likely to convert into potential clients when you have something great to offer to them.

Another important thing is to leave comments that add to the discussion and are worthwhile, so that they tempt the readers into clicking your name and going through your website.

Invest time in creating excellent headlines

Research has it that 8 out of 10 people will only read your headline and not the rest of your content, unless the headline is so captivating that it would motivate them to read the entire write-up. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you want to spend more time on creating the perfect headline to attract targeted visitors?

Creating viral content to drive more traffic will always be preceded by brilliant headlines. One example of this case is the blog Upworthy that managed to have a whopping 88 million visitors in its nascent stage.

What is the reason for this massive success, you might ask? Apart from other factors, it creates such curiosity-driven headlines that make the readers inquisitive and make them want to click and read more.

Forum marketing

Online forums are excellent sources for targeting people and directing them towards your website. If you have good knowledge about your potential customers and know their interests well, it will be easier for you to find them.

All you have to do is search for such online forums that are related to your website, see if it has a lot of people and if it does, join it. Keep posting relevant information on them every now and then along with the URL of your website. But be careful not to overdo the link addition because it might be considered spam.

Engage your audience with visuals

If truth be told, infographics, images, videos and pictures often come off as more interesting and appealing than simple and boring text-based content. Therefore, sometimes you have to tap into your creativity and give your audience something that stays with them and makes them want more.

Creating a short, quirky and colorful video explaining your product or anything about your website is likely to invite visitors to your site, who would be interested in hearing more from you. Visual representation often leaves a huge impact on people’s minds and they would naturally come back to see more of it.

Research also shows that information retention is more likely to occur with visual material and a video is a sure shot way to grab your visitors’ attention while also boosting traffic to your website.

For instance, one of the major reasons behind Upworthy’s success, in terms of generating traffic and content virality, is that it often creates a short, emotional video that attracts people and makes them interested enough to wait for more.

Include share triggers in your content

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, share triggers are particular and precise elements that you include in your content which makes people want to share it with others. They are called triggers because they are embedded in such ways that they prompt your readers to read your content and then share it further with the people they know. These triggers turn your content from being generic or predictable to exciting and shareable.

For instance, Brian Dean, an internationally recognized SEO expert and founder of Backlinko, used the social trigger ‘Social Currency’ to create targeted traffic. He created an infographic in the investing niche related to the issue of inflation. Since many of his influencers were already posting about inflation, he decided to create the infographic which went viral and, hence, generated thousands of targeted visits in the first two days. Here’s the infographic:


So, every time his infographic gets shared by any of his influencers, it boosts their social currency since the infographic highlights the problem that they were already talking about.


In order to run a successful website with thousands of followers and visitors, it is very important to carefully examine your audience and see what they want. Make use of the ways mentioned above to generate enough targeted or organic traffic for your website and turn them into potential clients. While you can also take help from certain agencies to help you with marketing and traffic generation, these methods will also help you get there in no time.

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  1. Thank you so much for these ideas, Erica!

    I’m using some of the ideas, and many of them are new to me. Now I try to use remaining of them; I hope that may increase my blog traffic.

  2. As a newbie in SEO industry reading this kind of articles really helped me so much. But, over all I think the most important is the quality of your content. Know that you are talking to a human not some bots is one of the tips to get that content shared, it’s all about relevancy I guess. Anyways, I had fun and I learned indeed reading this article. You really shared a lot of your articles which is so informative. Lovely blog indeed! Cheers! 🙂

  3. sahil jangid says:

    I am trying from last 4 months to increase my website/blog traffic but I was unable to do it. So thanks Nancy for writing a post on “increasing website traffic”. Really I will definitely use all these ways for increasing my website/blog traffic…………………and, and I damn sure it works well for me…………………..

  4. Marina says:

    I have started blogging but not getting as desire visitors.i will try to apply your tips.

  5. Rich says:

    Thanks so much for the tips. We’ve been focusing on article marketing and trying to create several epic posts. We’vs also been working on some backlinking. We shall see.

  6. Your tips are very helpful for beginners .

  7. Rahul tyagi says:

    Hi Dear,
    Thank you so much for the awesome tips I have created my blog a few months ago and want to increase some traffic so this would helpful thanks again

  8. Alxa Bell says:

    Wow, extremely useful information on this post.
    I am glad I found this very useful for me.
    Thanks for Sharing such a Great Information.
    All the Best 

  9. ifeanyi says:

    nice article, am going to try them.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Thank you for sharing this great article, am going to implement them on my blog.

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