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Running a blog is hard work. Ideally we all want to run successful blogs where we provide quality content, gain tons of traffic, and build your brand. 10-mistakes-bloggers-are-still-making

Many bloggers make a lot of common mistakes that cause them not to be able to take their blog to the next level. Today, I will be covering 10 mistakes bloggers are still making. 

Mistake #1 Not Identifying Their Audience

When beginning any website, an important first step is to identify your target audience. The more you understand your audience, the more effectively you can create appealing content idea, make formats decision, and achieve terrific communication goals.

Keeping your audience in mind while you write, will help you provide quality post that your audience will love. 

Mistake #2 Not Choosing The Right Niche

The biggest mistake most bloggers make when they start out is choosing the wrong niche. Usually problems occur because a niche is too broad or too narrow. Defining your niche is a challenge for most bloggers. Always keep in mind choosing the right niche can make the difference between success and failure. 

Mistake #3  Lack Of Commitment

Majority of blogs fail due to the lack of commitment. Your main intention for blogging in the beginning  should not be to earn money from your blog. Ideally in the beginning you want to focus on brand awareness, establish a regular consistency of publishing post, and provide quality content.

A new blog main focus is to provide the best possible experience to your readership whether you earn money or not. The quickest way to loose momentum and lack of commitment is to write about something your not passionate about. 

Mistake #4 Quantity Over Quality

What’s more important quantity or quality? In the beginning stages of my blog, I was only focusing on quantity. I would publish about 2-5 post per week but my articles did not provide any value to my readership.

I soon realize quality over quantity is the way to go. Ideally you want to keep in mind that the end goal is to deliver high quality content that your readers will love and want to share. 

Mistake #5 Poor Writing Skills

Poor writing skills create poor first impression and can negatively impact your readership. Bad grammar can also damage a blog credibility.  Did you know that poor grammar and spelling mistakes also have an impact on your SEO and rankings?

There are many tools you can use to check your grammar. I personally use

Mistake #6 Writing Boring Headlines

The title is where your focus should be. A catchy headline is why some blog post become popular and others fade out. Learning how to write a catchy headline can be the difference between getting more clicks. 

Mistake #7 Not Connecting With Your Audience

Why is connecting to your audience important? Because with out your audience your blog will fail. By knowing your intended audience, you will know the best way to connect them with your writing. 

Mistake #8 Not Promoting Your Blog Post

You spend hours researching, writing, finding graphics, and uploading your blog posts but your work isn’t done yet. It’s not longer enough to just write and publish a blog post. Ideally you want to promote every post to reach its full potential.

Mistake #9 Not Responding To Comments

When someone is willing to invest their time to respond to your content make sure to have proper etiquette and respond. Ideally responding to positive and negative comments demonstrate that feedback is important to you be it good or bad. 

Mistake #10 Too Much Spam

When you send unsolicited sales messages to someone via a social media messaging system is consider spam. There is nothing wrong with adding sales pitch to your social media site when it’s done tasteful.

If you are constantly spamming your pages and others eventually it will turn off others and they will unfollow you. 

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