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There are a handful of online places you can try and sell your site. Before you proceed to sell your website at a premium price there are many factors that come in place. There are many Internet Marketers that create and sell websites online for a huge amount of profit. What is their secret to making such a huge profit? In this post, I will be covering 10 secrets to sell your website at a premium price.

What To Include In Your Sales Page

#1 Be Descriptive

Only write unique quality descriptive content that helps clearly and accurately convey what you’re selling.  By writing a clear description it will help potential buyers understand what’s included in their purchase. 

#2 Provide Statistics

Include all static’s of your website such as:

  • Alexa Numbers
  • Backlinks
  • History Traffic
  • Google Page Rank
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Report
  • Number of Post
  • Monthly Uniques
  • Date of Website Establishment

#3 Transparency

You already know that people buy from people they trust. Ideally when selling your site you want to be honest, clear, and transparent. Make sure to respond back to any inquiries and messages this will help build trust. 

#4 Stop Overselling

The key to selling a website successful is not to oversell. Adding realistic goals about your website is the best way to build credibility and trust. 

#5 List What’s Included

Include a list of what comes with the website:

  • 1 Month of Free Support
  • Free Custom Design Theme
  • 100 Unique Targeted Articles
  • Domain Transfer From Host Gator

#6 Supply Proof of Revenue

Another quick way to sell your website and increase customer credibility is by supplying proof of revenue. 

#7 Buy It Now Price

A big percentage of websites are not sold due to being over price. The buy it now price must be a realistic price. 

#8 Explain Why Your Selling

Ideally you want to prepare a brief explanation of why your selling your website. If you’re working on a new project make sure to let your potential buyer know you will be using the revenue towards it. 

#9 List Ranking Keywords

Include a list of all the keywords your ranking at the given moment. The more keywords your ranking the better chances of selling your site. 

#10 Monetization Strategies

Include all the monetization strategies that are implemented in your website.

  • Membership Sites
  • Banners
  • Advertising
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing


I hope you have enjoy these 10 secrets to sell your website at a premium. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive free online marketing tips and tricks.