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Making money online is easy as never before; there are thousands of people worldwide who depend on blogs and websites as their sole source of sustenance. Figuring out the best ways to make money from website can be tough but instead of giving up you need to try out the infinite options in the world of web.

Many people don’t succeed with blogging not because their idea was bad but because they resigned too soon. In this article we are going to discuss 14 ways to make money from your website

Ways To Make Money From Your Website:

  • Email Marketing: Email Marketing would not only help you make a lot of money but also help you create a solid brand and make your readers come back to your site from time to time. There are bloggers who never sell or advertise products on their blog yet make money out of it. They do this by using their blog for building an email list. Collecting the email addresses of your blog readers would enable you to come up with a solid list of prospective buyers for whichever product you are promoting.Creating an auto responder service doesn’t take much and you can even start out for free with Mad Mimi and Mail Chimp. Send 1 or 2 weekly emails to your subscribers and make sure to include valuable information which might help them. Instead of bombarding them with offers you need to provide them with a link to a product or service you are selling. Feel free to combine these proven methods with some of your own ideas.


  • Join an Ad Network: This is yet another easy and simple way to make money out of your blog. All you need to do is create an account with an advertisement network like Google AdSense and then post the adverts on your blog. Every time a person clicks on a link you will get to make a little money.


  • Sell Affiliate Products: This is a proven way of monetizing a blog and almost all bloggers start out this way. Here you need to tie up with an affiliate program and market their products and services on your site. Whenever your visitor makes a purchase you will receive a commission. Regardless of your niche you would always find an affiliate program which would suit the requirements of your audience.
  • Sell banner ads on your site: You need to remember that the header and sidebar of your blog can be like a dependable source of income. There are many sites related to your niche who might be interested in paying you to advertise their product or service. You can either reach out to the other sites personally or you can make use of networking sites like Buysellads and connect with the potential marketers.
  • Write an e-book and sell it: Selling affiliate products can be easy but selling your own e-book can be really profitable. Create a digital cooking e-book or a book on gardening or create a ‘How to…” book on anything pertaining to your niche. If you lack writing skills you can create a series of ‘How to..” videos from where people can learn something. EJunkie and PayPal would help you set up your E-book with a “buy now” button.
  • Sell a Physical Item: A blog would allow you to sell whichever physical product you want to. One of the most sold products on blogs in 2015 is essential oils. If you are keen on selling your handmade items then use your blog to promote them.
  • Drop Shipping: This is yet another way of selling physical products. Creating your personal store on your blog with the orders being fulfilled by a drop shipping enterprise is a great way of selling your products.
  • Offer services to your blog readers: Offering services to your blog readers would allow you to start making money right at this moment. Some of the services which most bloggers can offer include – article writing, SEO services, blog designing, WordPress installation and much more. If you have creative writing skills then you can start making e-books for other people at real handsome rates.
  • Collect leads for companies: This mode of monetizing a blog is yet not used by too many people. Known as the ‘pay for action’ method it works in the following way. The traffic you get in your blog needs to be sent to another website either by using a link on your post or through an advert. The post would take the readers to another site where they would be required to fill a form or take a survey. Whenever a person makes a click and completes the survey you will get paid.
  • Start a Membership Program: A membership program implies a paid forum where special contents are made available only for the members. If you already got a specific niche then this can work wonders.
  • Write Paid Reviews: There are companies who would readily send you free products for a review. There are websites wholly dedicated to connecting bloggers with sellers. There are plenty of companies who would pay you a decent sum to get their free product reviewed.
  • Sponsored Posts: This is not much different from reviewing a product the only difference being that instead of writing a review you need to use the name of their product in your post. For example you can write a travel blog while naming some of the hotels or travel equipments.
  • Donations: Though it might sound a bit weird but it’s true that you can place a donation button on your blog which would work as a virtual tip box. Instead of being blatant about it what you can do is ask your readers something like: “If you liked what you read then why not buy me a cup of tea?”
  • Sell Your Blog: In case if you think that blogging isn’t your cup of tea then what you should do is sell your blog. It the ultimate way of making money out of your blog since there are people trying to find a set up blog.