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I’m super excited about today’s post because we are going to be going over 20 digital product ideas that you can start selling on Etsy and start earning passive income. I love making passive income! I have several Etsy stores where I sell digital products because you make the product once, upload it, and just simply renew the listing when it sells.

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I also like the fact that opening a digital product shop has little up-front cost, no shipping fees, and low overhead expenses. I have several stores on Etsy and make a good living selling digital products on Etsy.  My first year on Etsy I made a little over $21K. The second year I tripled my income to $86K. 

Isn’t that incredible? Imagine if you made an extra $20K this year or even an extra $10K? How would that change your life? That’s why I am so excited to go over 20 digital product ideas that you can create and start selling on Etsy today. Let’s go over the entire list. 

Let’s go ahead and get started. 

  1. Printable Planners – Who doesn’t love planners. Etsy has a large market of shoppers who love to buy all sorts of planners. You can create planner kits or just individual pieces. Some ideas are monthly calendars, weekly planners, wedding planner, budget planner, meal planner, fitness planner, daily sheets, blogging planners, and this list could go on. 
  2. Art Printables – Etsy has a huge art selection of printables, all ranging from bible verses, nursery artwork, office artwork, kitchen art, laundry room art, funny quotes, inspirational quotes, bible verses, and much more. 
  3. Greeting cards – Due to the pandemic and everything happening around the world now, more than ever, greeting cards are a great option for someone who wants to start an Etsy shop with digital products. You can even make them geared towards what is happening right now during these times and it will make your shop stand out amongst other shops. 
  4. Sewing patterns – If you currently sew, did you know you can create a PDF guide book with sewing patterns and sell them on Etsy as a digital product. You can easily create a PDF with instructions for making things like hats, scarves, curtains just to name a few. 
  5. Business packaging labels – You can make all types of business labels for busy business owners. Some examples include thank you stickers, packing labels with their logo, branding thank you cards. 
  6. Party Decorations – You can create party decorations like signs, banners, photo props, bottle wrappers, wine labels, and the list could go on. Etsy has an enormous selection of party printables and it keeps growing. 
  7. SVG Graphics – If you know how to make graphics for cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette then you want to sell your SVG graphics on Etsy. There is a huge market on Etsy for SVG graphics since pretty much people buy them to create all sorts of designs for bags, wine glasses, drawer labels, tumblers, water bottles, and much more. 
  8. Stationery Paper – You can create a wide range of different stationery papers including birthday, special events, holidays, and much more. You can even take it one step ahead and make thank you cards and letterheads. 
  9. Teaching Printables – You can create worksheets, flashcards, and printables that help children practice key skills. This is very popular now with kids learning remotely from home. 
  10. Printable Stickers – There is a huge market for stickers on Etsy and people love buying them as digital products because they get them right away and they can print them on sticker paper. 
  11. Wedding Printables – I personally can vouch for wedding printables since I run a successful wedding shop on Etsy. You can create all sorts of items like wedding signs, banners, invites, filters, props, thank you cards, custom signs, and much more. People love buying wedding products on Etsy because its unique, they can’t get it elsewhere, and it can be personalized to their colors and verbatim of choice. 
  12. Resume Templates – is another digital product idea that you can sell on Etsy. You can have a wide variety of styles and layouts. And you can create additional items like cover letters as well. 
  13. Invites – You can literally make a shop where you sell all types of invitations for birthdays, baby shower, wedding, communions, graduations, and this list could go on. 
  14. Printable Coloring pages – There is a huge selection of coloring pages for kids and adults in Etsy. They do really well with stay at home parents who want to have the actual coloring pages right away. 
  15. Logo Design – You can have an entire shop where you create logo designs for small business owners. You have the option to sell pre-made or customized logos. There is a huge market for logos in Etsy. 
  16. Stock Photos – We all love great stock images that we can use for our business. If you’re a photographer, you can make passive income on Etsy selling your stock photos. 
  17. Social Media Marketing – All businesses need social media marketing. You have a big opportunity to create all sorts of marketing material such as media kits, social content calendars, and much more for small business owners.
  18. Knitting Patterns – Do you currently knit? Did you know you can sell knitting patterns as a digital product on Etsy? There is a huge market on Etsy where people sell knit patterns for all sorts of things like hats, scarves, stuffed animals, mittens, and much more. 
  19. Board Game Printouts – These are trending at the current moment due to the pandemic. It’s a fun way to create an entire shop full of games that buyers can buy and instantly use. 
  20. Clip-art – Etsy has an enormous market for clip-art. Many Etsy shops buy a lot of clip-art to use for their own printables and digital products. You have a huge opportunity to make some serious money when selling clip-art on Etsy. 

So there you go! 20 product ideas that you can sell on Etsy today! I hope this massive list inspires you to start your very own digital shop on Etsy.  If you have any questions about any of these products, let me know in the comments.