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3 Main Reasons Why Brand Consistency Matters

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3 Main Reasons Why Brand Consistency Matters

In the world of digital or online marketing, what marketers market along with all the products and services is the image and brand of the company. Brand – a simple word but greatly influences the success and longevity of any business or institution. What is branding and why does it trigger so many facets in marketing? Furthermore, how important is branding in coming up with the website design as well as both online and social media marketing efforts?

BRAND Defined

To define brand simply – it is the identity every company seeks to instill in every consumers’ minds. Brand is what people think about a company, organization, or business – what people initially think of when they hear a company or business name. Most people think that the logo IS the brand but there is so much more than that – more than the logo, there is that story, the struggles and successes, the vision and mission that molded the company. When we talk about branding, it pertains to the various ways an institution shares its message across to people about what the institution really is – its ideals, values and so on.

Branding is a crucial component in all forms of marketing – may it be traditional or digital. When done the right way, branding will eventually help the business cement its reputation and hold unto its chosen market.

How crucial is brand consistency and why does it matter?

From the word itself, brand consistency refers to the absence of any form of confusion or ambiguity surrounding the brand. Here are three (3) reasons why brand consistency matters for every business or institution regardless of the size or market:

  1. Your brand is what sets you apart from all the rest of those in the same market.

Refrain from copying off somebody else’s brand that is quite similar to yours. If you already have a brand in mind, then work around it. Remember, you do not want to be associated with another brand: “This is quite similar to Brand X”, “This is exactly like Brand C”, “Why do I feel like you are Brand Q but with a different name?” Make your brand consistent from what you initially want it to be. Consistency in your branding solidifies how people view your company. As your brand is already cemented among the masses, you will definitely stand out among competitors in the same industry.

  1. Brand consistency shoots up your credibility.

If you keep changing your brand from Brand X to Brand C then Brand D and so on, then your consumers will definitely have a hard time to keep up. Not being able to keep up with your brand changes will result to consumers having second thoughts about your brand and may end up with people no longer recognizing your brand. Building trust through branding happens when there is consistency – regardless of which platform you use, your brand relays the same message over and over again.

  1. Brand consistency gets your message across efficiently.

A consistent voice that brings that one and only message across will help people understand your company and the products and services it offers. There should be consistency from one form of communication to another in order for customers to recognize your brand right away. Make each point of contact count by instilling in the minds of your various users what really your brand is, its story and the message you wish people to understand and convey to others.

It is quite difficult to follow through brand consistency especially when there are inevitable changes in the consumer market, changes in the demand for certain products and services and changes in the goals and visions of the company. This is the very reason why there are institutions well-equipped and trained to take on branding for various clients.

There are a number of web development companies out there that caters to various digital marketing services such as mobile application, social media marketing, online marketing, custom web design, branding, and so on. It’s crucial to choose one of these companies for your digital marketing needs in order to maintain the consistency of your brand.  As business owners, one should be critical in making this decision because branding is very essential to your business. It’s what entails your company’s or your products’ trademark. It is mostly the common reason why big companies tend to get bigger through times. It is notable that brand consistency makes people remember the best things about you and your company throughout times.

You should make your brand classic through brand consistency!

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  1. Sagar M.A says:

    Awesome article. Got crucial information about branding consistency. I thought according to the changing environments and generations we can alter the branding features. But consistency does matter for an established branding culture. Thank you.

  2. Rajpal Singh says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Day by Day use of internet is increasing and now its became very important for a business to build an online brand reputation. online brand reputation also effects offline brand reputation.

    market is very competitive. now can not just build brand reputation and sit. you have to regularly work on your brand reputation to stay in this competitive market.

  3. Wytse says:

    How important do you think branding is for a smaller business or website? Especially since at the beginning it might take some time to find you voice it will be difficult to guarantee brand consistencty.

  4. Darren Keane says:

    Agree, brand consistency makes people remember the best things about you and your company throughout times. It is the most difficult to achieve!

  5. Fresh content matters a lot in this fast growing market, It is not tough to become consistent by creating fresh content but we have to get used to it.


  6. This was a very informative and well-written article, truly you have inspired me to look more closely at branding from your perspective, I always enjoy thinking deeply on these topics that will allow my site to flourish. I will definitely have a look at your other blog posts as you provide a ton of value.

  7. Hmm….this article is interesting , so far agreed with all your points

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