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4 Steps to Create a Killer Digital Marketing Campaign 

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Digital marketing can feel like solving a rubrics cube. The AdWords interface can be confusing, good SEO rank seems unachievable, but the secret to success actually lies in just three factors: conducting effective keyword research, experimentation, and persistence. Digital marketers can make your business successful, but their process for success is the same every time – it strongly relies on trying out new keywords and figuring out the strategies that work.

The truth is that no marketer knows exactly what their demographic is looking for. So they take to the digital space and create different SEO campaigns, AdWords campaigns, they try new things on social media and follow these steps to eventually find out what’s working and what’s not.

To succeed in digital, run an AdWords campaign, run SEO, be sure to post on social media, and follow these 4 steps:

STEP 1: Use Keyword Planner

Use Google’s Keyword Planner (it’s free). Keywords can mean the difference between being high-converting pages and high-bounce pages. Do the research using the Keyword Planner to find keywords that have low competition, and high search volume. These are going to be the keywords that are cheaper and easier to go after.

STEP 2 : Experiment

Use the keywords you’ve found to create high-quality relevant content, and think about the customer’s purchase journey. Think about what they’ll search for when they are in market for the product. Will they search for “famous basketball shoes” or will they search for “buy new Nikes”? Definitely the latter if they are interested in buying, right? They’ll also search for “shoe outlets near me” and “great deals on shoes in Chicago”, or maybe “new nike air vs new nike light up shoes”. Think about their purchase journey and relate to the stage of the journey that they’re in with quality content. Then lead them to quality landing pages that help them with their search and make sure that they have a strong Call to Action in the end: “View Our Shoes”.

STEP 3: Optimize

As your campaigns get more clicks, you’ll find that some of your campaigns and keywords are drawing in more visitors that are interested in your business. You can judge this by seeing where the conversions are coming from and which types of visitors bring you more conversions.

A good common practice is setting up “soft” and “hard” conversions. Soft conversions enable you to gauge the amount of general interest visitors have in your site. By creating conversions such as 4+ Minutes Spent on Site and 4+ Pages Browsed on Site you can see that certain channels or types of visitors are engaging with your site more than others. On the other hand, we have hard conversions that are the actual leads like Phone Calls, Form Submissions, and E-mail Subscriptions. While Hard conversions will measure the success of any particular campaign or keyword, lower traffic and lower-engagement sites will often see less of this data, at which point you can use soft conversions to gauge the amount of interest a specific channel has in your site.

STEP 4: Capitalize

This is where you capitalize on the profitable traffic. Put the profitable keywords to work for you. Invest into the campaigns that have worked well and try out creating new campaigns using the same formula, with similar keywords.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and put yourself in the mind of the consumer. Go through the purchase process yourself. If you are in market for new shoes, where will you go? What will you search on Google?

Best of luck to you all.

You can find more great tips and learn digital marketing at

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  1. Winson Ng says:

    Good step by step article. I remember when I first started using the Google Ad Keyword Tool couple of years ago, I was completely lost. New bloggers are so lucky these days to have articles like yours to help them build their blogs further. Thank you for building the future of the blogging generation.

    (I am getting the same error again. Keeps saying that I am posting a duplicate comment when I am not.)

  2. Aman kumar says:

    very very nice content and helpful loved your post…keep up the good work

  3. Rich Witt says:

    Yes, so true…you have to experiment and try things out and then adjust. The key is analyzing and adjusting. That’s really the only way to optimize.

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Good tips to follow and create a good article with profitable keywords. Using the free google keyword planner to find the right keywords and using them on our articles , gradually optimizing them is the key to generate organic traffic. Right keywords automatically capitalize our blog/website.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    Reji Stephenson

  5. jaikaran says:

    awesome tutorial for business card

  6. Very informative blog for every digital marketer. Thanks for sharing keep posting more

  7. Nice Article, I liked how you talked about thinking about the customers journey if you put yourself in the “shoes” of your customer you can get a good idea of what exactly they are going to be searching for. Finding those magic keywords is the key, I had never heard of soft and hard conversions before but it makes sense.

  8. Hi,
    Very good article.thanks for sharing.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Robert says:

    you have to experiment and attempt things out and also control on your own. The key is analyzing and adjusting. That’s really the single-handedly showing off to optimize.Thanks for sharing.Keep going.

  10. Regex SEO says:

    Thanks Nancy! That’s a great piece of advice, nothing extra

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