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With the evolution of digital marketing and e-commerce, various techniques to boost a website’s visibility, growth and revenue generation have emerged. But often, regardless of relentless social media campaigning and lead generation for websites, you may be unable to yield satisfactory results in terms of conversion rate and subsequent revenue production. On the other hand, as a startup entrepreneur, you need substantial revenues and rapid growth in order to survive.

So where are you lacking?

Today, it is imperative to supplement your digital marketing campaign with effective technical tools that analyze your website to determine its shortcomings and provide you with solutions to optimize it along with enhancing your marketing techniques.

If you are not sure where to start, following is a list of tools, each focusing on a different aspect of website optimization:

SumoMe for lead generation


Lead generation refers to the process of harvesting new prospects with the goal of converting them into customers. These leads are expected to bring in more revenue for your business thus cultivating these leads should be one of your priorities. To secure fresh leads, you need to employ engaging and attention-grabbing strategies that influence potential customers to initiate contact with you mainly by providing you with their emails.

SumoMe is an effective tool for lead generation.

You can generate an impressive email list with the impressive features offered by this tool. The tools like list builder pop share buttons and smart bars that are positioned at the top of the page make it easier to prompt signups for eNewsletter without seeming too obvious. SumoMe is easy to install and keeps website visitors appropriately engaged which is why it is used by over 300,000 websites including Airbnb, Entrepreneur and Beach Body.

BuzzSumo for content marketing


Content marketing is the creation and sharing of unique, detailed and valuable content which is pertinent to your product or service so that you can attract and retain the attention of your target audience. Content marketing, when done right, can expand the reach of your business and help you acquire a relevant audience that will translate into profits later on.

For any website to be increasingly visible on the SERPs and establish an impactful social media presence, it needs to produce quality content with consistently. Content that highlights customers’ pain points, provides solutions and gives insider information usually garners huge readership. However, as a startup e-commerce owner, you may find yourself short on time or struggling to come up with interesting and engaging content.

BuzzSumo helps you save time that you may otherwise spend searching for relevant web content, and finds appealing topics and powerful and relevant keywords so you can create content that speaks directly to your audience. BuzzSumo also identifies the type and categories of content that is loved by your target audience and does so by analyzing your competition’s content and performing a detailed comparison.

In addition, BuzzSumo offers insights about your most shared content across all social media networks. For example, which posts on which social media platforms are engaging the maximum number of users? Which posts are being shared by users amongst peers and so on. This knowledge allows you to invest in areas that are bringing maximum results.

GrowthRobotics for website audit


A website audit is a comprehensive process which determines all those factors that affect the positioning of a website on search engine rankings. A website auditor evaluates the website in detail and reverts back with problems that may be affecting the conversion rate and reducing revenue generation such as faulty links, navigation issues and long page load time. This in-depth analysis can help you fix these problems and make your website more search engine friendly.

GrowthRobotics’ RoboAuditor provides you exemplary auditing services that assess the overall health of your website including the content, individual pages, and the user traction, and determines how effective they are in terms of lead generation and customer conversion.

The tool also provides you with actionable solutions to the problems that can be undertaken to bring your website back on track to generate more revenues. In addition, the tool is very easy to install and add to your website and comes with a 30-day free trial period.

Mailchimp for email marketing


Email marketing is an effective way to create brand awareness and build product promotions through a more personalized mode of communication which strives to build feelings of trust and loyalty amongst the consumer base.

Email marketing can also keep the audience interested in your brand with continuous interaction, however; too many emails can quickly become annoying. It is of the utmost importance for e-commerce websites to have a well-planned email marketing program in place that understands customer psychology and is adequately engaging too.

MailChimp is one of the most commonly used tools for email marketing as it realizes the importance of strategic email marketing. It creates effective email campaigns that are most suitable to your forte and the message you want to convey to your subscribers about your product. With MailChimp, you can create targeted emails and ad campaigns that are triggered by a single API request. This automated form of email marketing can save you a lot of time and efforts without compromising on the website’s revenues and growth.

Visual Website Optimizer for A/B testing


A/B testing or split testing is the analysis of two versions of a single web page to determine which is performing better. The two variants of the page are exposed to an equal number of users for equal amounts of time, and the one with the higher conversion rate is integrated into the website.

This allows you to reap the greatest possible rewards out of your existing user traffic. Moreover, you can incur substantial ROI when it comes to A/B testing as even the slightest alterations in a landing page or website can change your results drastically, and thus impact your bottom line positively.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a great tool for companies looking to invest in testing as it offers simple installation and a highly intuitive interface for a competitive price. It offers seven different testing options including;

  • A/B Test
  • Multivariate Test
  • Split URL Test
  • Targeting
  • Usability Test
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Heatmap and Clicks

Furthermore, it is ideal for startup owners who are new to the testing world as the entire site offers visual props so users can build a test without any coding knowledge.

Technical tools are extremely important assets that should be utilized in your digital marketing campaigns. These tools amplify the results of your marketing techniques and ensure that your customers follow the entire path down the sales funnel; from creating awareness to initial engagement and the final conversion from prospects to customers.