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5 Kick Ass Tools To Help Increase Your Etsy Sales

5-Kick-Ass-Tools-To Help-Increase-Your Etsy-Sales
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As an Etsy seller, I am constantly trying to finds new ways to improve my shop and listings to increase my sales. In my downtime, I love finding kiss-ass tools that help me analyze my shop to see what things are working and therefore curating more items around those listings to increase my earnings.  I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power and wanted to share with guys 5 kick ass tools that will dramatically increase your Etsy sales. 

Let’s get started!

  1. Whatify: Photography is the number one thing people consider when making a purchase. As a digital marketing specialist the systematic way to test if something is working is by doing a process called A/B testing to see which option performs best. Whatify takes your first two photos of your listing and switch then back and forth for a set period of time and collect data. They take the data, crunch the numbers, and provide you a recommendation on which photo got more sales. All you have to do is implement their recommendation and watch your sales increase.


What’s the pricing? Subscription prices range from $5-$30 per month. The pricing is based on the size and income of your shop. I love how they generate their based prices because if you’re a small shop or just starting out, you won’t pay more than you can afford. Try it today for 30 days for FREE! 

 2. Pinterest & Tailwind: I absolutely love the social media platform Pinterest. If you currently don’t have an account, I highly recommend signing up for one and creating a Pinterest account for your Etsy Shop. I did a case study a few months ago and grew my Pinterest account from barely 119 monthly views to 238K monthly views within 90 days.

What does that mean for my Etsy account? I was able to increase my sessions from 3 per month to 947 clicks for the month of July. I plan to continue growing my Pinterest account and my main goal is to increase it to 1 million monthly views per month.

What’s the secret of growing your Pinterest account is pinning at the right time. I highly recommend using Tailwind since it pins at the right time and you can schedule multiple pins at the same time. Your able to discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, amplify reach, and analyze results.  All with One Tool. Try it for FREE today!


3. ShipStation: Save time and money with efficient shipping. Sync all your Etsy orders and start printing labels from all the major carriers with a few clicks.

Wherever you sell. Automatically import orders from wherever you sell: Etsy, your own online store, PayPal, and other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and They currently have more integrations than any other shipping platform. You can say goodbye to copy and paste!


4. Printify: If you currently only sale digital prints increase your sales by using Printify. Printify is a print on demand drop shipping platform. Create custom products with their design and sell on your store. They manage automated order production and shipping directly to your customers – with your branding.

Sell Custom Items:
– T-shirts
– Hoodies
– Kids Apparel
– Phone Cases
– Mugs
– Tote Bags
– Laptop Sleeves
– Pillows
– Blankets
– Towels
– Shower Curtains
– Bath Mats
– Mouse pads
– Coasters
– Scarves

And many more items!


       5. Handmade Newsletter: An easy way for Etsy sellers to sign customers up for a newsletter without having their own website or blog. They provide you with a landing page that automatically pulls in your Etsy shop branding that you can link to your shop and listings. Potential customers now have the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. Create items and then connect with past buyers and people who ‘heart’ your shop. This is the best way to market your shop, engage customers and get repeat buyers!




I hope this post was handy in learning some new tools you can apply to measure the success of your Etsy Shop and help increase sales. Make sure to subscribe to my blog to receive my best content, FREEBIES, and much more!

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  1. Erika Ann says:

    The etsy mailing list looks really good. A lot of sellers at etsy doesn’t have their own website or blog to promote their products. Having a mailing list that they could send to their frequent customers is a great way of sending the word out for new products and discounts!

  2. adam says:

    this is pretty interesting topic and quite valuable too. I am 100% agree with you

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