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50-to-dos-when-your-etsy-shop-is-slowIt happens to every Etsy Seller – you have those amazing busy months, when your life consists of completing orders and shipping them out, and don’t have time for anything else. All suddenly the rush of the busy month starts to dwell down and you wake up to crickets.

If your business is seasonal, it’s important to learn how to maximize your profits during busy times. How do you maximize your profits? You do this by taking advantage of the slow months and work on any opportunities for improvements for your Etsy shop.

A slow period is just another opportunity to set your shop for successful when the next busy peak times come around again. Let’s take a look at 50 to-dos when your Etsy shop is slow.

Things you should do in your slow months on Etsy

  1. Reconnect with existing and previous customers
  2. Take your process offline
  3. Work with bloggers
  4. Market your business
  5. Ask for help
  6. Take some necessary downtime
  7. Add a shop update
  8. Offer seasonal discounts
  9. Work on your SEO on your lowest listings
  10. Create new products
  11. Create a new shop banner
  12. Update to Etsy Plus
  13. Work on your Pinterest account
  14. Run a contest
  15. Get your workspace organized
  16. Learn something new
  17. Take a business course
  18. Make a new email line-up
  19. Do some bookkeeping
  20. Start a website
  21. Work on your current website
  22. Update you’re about me section
  23. Update your shipping policies
  24. Update your listing descriptions and add SEO tags to optimize each listing
  25. Contact other shops for wholesale pricing
  26. Work on your social media presence
  27. Develop a skill
  28. Survey existing customers
  29. Survey employees
  30. Strengthen important relationships
  31. Get a new logo
  32. Work on your online reputation
  33. Work on building a brand
  34. Polish up your site
  35. Work on product photography
  36. Plan your marketing calendar for the rest of the year
  37. Create an email autoresponder
  38. Start your mailing list
  39. Start a coupon campaign
  40. Start advertising your business on Google
  41. Conduct a SWOT analysis
  42. Update your profile photo
  43. Start a YouTube channel
  44. Find a new podcast for business
  45. Clean up your email
  46. Organize your work station
  47. Organize your shipping station
  48. Read a business book
  49. Develop a renewal strategy
  50. Create a robust line around a popular product you sale

I hope this massive list of things to do when your Etsy Shop is slow came in handy. Let me know what you do in the slow months in the comment area below. I would love to hear from you!