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Google AdWords is an online advertising application that enables businesses to advertise themselves by the use of carefully selected keywords. Businesses place adverts on Google’s network, and payment is only done when the advert is clicked on. The advertisement, which is usually in the form of text or banner, is placed on top, beside or at the bottom of the searched term in the search engine. Business websites that are avenues for online business advertisements are tracked using Google URL builder enabling their owners to know how much traffic their website attracts. Google Adwords URL Builder

Traffic to a business website determines visibility of the business to online potential customers. This traffic is tracked by Google URL builder tool. There are four main traffic aspects that this tool tracks namely: 

  1. Origin – This is the source or the link, for instance it might be a referral from Twitter or Facebook page. The origin also aids in the analysis of the medium used whether it is a blog or social media avenues.
  2. The keyword – This is a term or phrase typed into the search engine; some terms will derive more traffic to your website or blog than others.
  3. The content – This is the version or type of the advertisement that was most clicked on.
  4. The campaign name – This is the motto, a promotional slogan, or code under which the website is categorized.

Combination of these traffic aspects enable a website owner to defy appropriate mechanisms of increasing traffic by using the most searched terms in the website, appropriately grouping the website, and modifying advertisements to match those most clicked on. Google AdWords URL builder shows additional information that can be added manually or automatically to improve visibility of your advertisement. Generally, uniform resource locator is built when there is more traffic to the site making it rank high on the search engine.

Advantages and Limitations of Google URL Builder

Google AdWords URL builder gives a unique URL (uniform resource locator) that Google AdWords can track. This Google’s service enhances businesses’ reach to many target audience who are searching on Google search engine. Secondly, payment option is directly related to the number of clicks your advertisement fetches. This is beneficial because there is no requirement for a time commitment and minimum spending. It also ensures better returns to your investment because the more the traffic, the more the customers are likely to buy your products. Lastly, the service offers businesses opportunities to advertise in specific geographical locations and language of their liking. 

There is a downside to the use of Google URL builder tool; this is the lengthening of the URL, which may not be appealing. It is, therefore, important that using short links mitigates this problem. Secondly, Google’s policy bars disclosure of any competitor information may be important for strategizing marketing campaigns. Lastly, in case you fail to make payments for the number of clicks on your advertisements, then you are removed from the search engine. This may be a painful experience particularly to young businesses.