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In the recent years, there has been an increased liking for animated videos within the entertainment and commercial industry. Many young and old people have developed a liking for this art, making its development fast. In line with this, educational institutions in conjunction with their respective governments have developed a curriculum to ensure their students are taught how to create animations. This has continued to get support from many willing clients and has economically empowered animated video maker. Animation Maker

Importance of Animated Video Maker

The popularity of animated videos is not in futile, but has contributed positively to socio-economic life of many people around the world. The benefits include:

  • Marketing – Animated videos have continued to influence potential consumers’ decisions on particular products.  In a research conducted by many marketing agencies in the U.S., it was found that animations sustain interest in potential customers and eventually influences them to buy a product even in a situation where it is physically absent. A free animation video maker ensures that the video emphatically and loudly tells the story or passes the message in a manner that potential customers would like to hear it. This is done by creatively changing the laws of nature and representing the diversity in an entertaining and persuasive way. In addition, animations also bring the abstract concepts to be clearly visualized by customers and eventually make them understand the service or product more.
  • Entertainment – An animated video maker is a creative artist who not only communicates a message, but also does it in a manner that triggers humor.  An existing video can be modified and different colors and background can be incorporated to create a unique more appealing video thanks to availability of free animated video maker applications.

Making Animations through Free Animated Video Maker

The process of making animated video is challenging for many amateurs in the graphics industry. Software developers have come up with user-friendly applications that can aid in making of these videos. Some of these applications are available freely online and can be downloaded from relevant websites by searching for free animation video maker applications. Blogs and websites specializing in animations give free advice on how to develop an animated video. These websites include:

  • GoAnimate – This has tools to create animations in which characters are based in the environment.
  • Wideo Beta – This is an online application that enables easy addition of objects that you would want to animate.
  • Moovly Animated Videos – This application comes in two versions – free version and paid version; the free version has a small watermark that may not be appealing to video animators.
  • Powtoon – This is another online video animation application that enables the development of video animations. It comes only in the paid version.


It is important to note that the availability of free animated video maker online has greatly increased the usage of animated videos at commercial and domestic levels. The quality of the video, however, requires a professional touch that most of the times may not succeed when free online applications are used. This is not discouraging the use of this software, but an assessment on the target audience and the message to be conveyed should be done before deciding on the application to use.